you got it.. Friday night, 2 days to go!

copy and paste fellas..

NAME - Result


cflisthebest - Riders 24 Alouettes 18

CFL GOD - Sask over Mon 37-26

Deanjo - Sask over Montreal 33-21

if it was possible, I would predict that MRX would screw up the game.

Hilarious that this post screwed up. :lol:

LOL yeah! I couldn't even post or PM for a half hour earlier tonight due to "you can't post a message so soon after the last one" errors. 30 minutes per post? Yikes!

For the game itself... I like the Riders this year. They've battled their way through and have an extra year's experience over last year.

But my wife is a huge Al's fan, so don't tell her I said that! :oops:

Tridus - Sask over MTL 38-36

Montreal - 26
Saskatchewan - 20

Montreal 32 Sask 31

Roughriders 38
Allouettes 24

We're gonna' destroy Montreal! It's gonna' be pure destruction! It's gonna' be an absolute blowout until MTL scores a couple TDs in garbage time.

This game isn't MTL V. SSK. This game is MTL V. the Saskatchewan Roughriders AND all the power of the Universe. The Riders only lost the last year's cup becuz of divine intervention. That much is OBVIOUS. This year, the Universe will restore balance for it's blatant interference in last year's Grey Cup. Thus, the Universe is going to ensure the Riders win the Grey Cup. :cowboy:

saskfan23- Saskatchewan 29 - Montreal 24

Hit Em Hard -

Sask 35
Mont 32

As an aside, Jamal Richardson, receiver for the Alouettes, will be injured in the third quarter as he runs out of bounds. It seems that the Montreal Alouettes will have pitched tents along the sidelines, rather than stay in their substandard flea-bag accomodations, and Richardson will trip over a loose dumbell and impale himself on a tent pole

.........WHAT HE SAID......good one discipline....... :lol: /Als.-38....Riders 28...

28-22 Montreal.

Sasky 35 - Mont 16.

Montreal players will be seen stomping, jumping, rubbing their legs/arms and heads. What's up with those guys, no players on the Riders sidelines is doing any thing remotely similar? Are they cold? Should they have practiced outdoors instead of indoors? No it's because they stayed in a 2 star hotel and got bedbug bites. An infestation now residing in their equipment. The 5 star hotel that the CFL gave to the Riders was totally clean. :twisted:

Riders win 34-28 in overtime. Another conspiracy about how Marc Cohon is seen running onto the field and knocking down a third down throw from Calvillo to Cahoon comes out, and everybody except Rider fans says that the league is out to get every other team except Saskatchewan.

I don't care about the score, but the RIDERS are my pick.

:lol: Nicely done.

41 - 17 montreal.

greens machines sputters due to bad fuel.

I'm taking the Renegades by 10!