Official Grey Cup Gameday Thread

Damon is loosing it...

Indeed. Again, WTF is THAT? 14 - 3 and the Riders do not seem to be working too hard.

Its been at leat 4 years

Worst half of football we've played all year. I want the team that blew out BC to show up. If we don't get our act together in the second half, I'll have to join the crowd that calls us chokers. 'cause we sure coughed up a fur ball in that half.

I don't know who looks older the Als or Blue Rodeo.

On that note there is chic hitting on a guy in my left least someone is having fun LOL!

Trestman is really frustrating me! The Riders are bad against the run. AND, the passing game is not working. SO what does he do: he goes Pass crazy and Cobourne gets 2 or 3 carries in the half. WTF? ADJUSTMENTS PLEASE!!!!!!!

Its getting harder to defend them as not being chokers

So if the Als lose this GC, how can they possibly, and with credibility tell us fans (w'ell get it next year). If they can't win with this team, its hopeless).

How could you possibly defend them now? They are 16-3 before this game. 19 games, 38 halves of football. In the GC, they just played their absolute worst half of the season.

17 - 3 by half time. The hole is 2 TD deep. Not insurmountable, but definitely not easy to get out from.

I still believe in this team. But should they lose, I will go to City Hall tomorrow to take pictures of the Riders flag flying.

5 carries for 21 yards....but he gives one to Carter who turns over the ball. Basicaly Milanovich is doing the same thing he did last year that he promised he would not repeat...Calvillo has a half to salvage his legacy :frowning:

I dont know about a flag but I do know that Trembley will have to buy rider season tickets and donate them to the charity of Regina's mayors choice

This game is not over but they will need to start making plays... They've made believers out of the Riders, now they are going to have to go for brokes...

This is just bizarre. Have you guys mounted a comeback at all this year? You were hardly ever behind.

Good luck in the second half.

Calvillo has never been a comeback quarterback of the 100 games he's lost he might have mounted one or two comebacks. Trestman won't do it but going with MCpherson should be considered, if AC comes out with a 2and0.

I feel sick!

Imagine how they feel.

From CanWest:

As usual, the mayors of the two cities involved in the Grey Cup game will square off in a friendly wager.

Regina mayor Pat Fiacco and Montreal mayor Gerald Tremblay agreed Wednesday that the civic leader in the losing team's city will purchase two pairs of season tickets for the winning team's 2010 campaign. The tickets will then be donated by the winning mayor to charities of his choosing.

As well, the losing mayor will have to wear the jersey of the victors at a city council meeting and fly the team's flag at City Hall.

idiot Milanovich finaly decides to use our best weapon

Well I got the season tickets part right :lol: