Official Free Agency Topic

To prevent 100 topics being made tomorrow of the latest Free Agent moves and the other free agent forum being 10 pages long I figured I'd start a fresh topic for tomorrow and the rest of the week and so on. So feel free if you hear anything from speculation to official signings tomorrow today or whenever, make this the place to post instead of crowding the main forum with the latest news and drowning the active topics...

Enjoy! And here's to an exciting day tomorrow! :rockin:

Good job.

For sure fresh is something we need more of here anyway.

He's right to imply that some of the other free agent threads are stale if not also quite rank now.

Woo-hoo let the off-season slow time fun begin!

I'm looking forward to Wednesday morning (pacific time); to find out which FA players the EE football club sign.

I am going to laugh my rear off if Tillman does not land Labatte or Fantuz after clearing out his roster. That would be priceless.

Good to see the league move free agency back a couple hours so it starts in the day and not at midnight like before. I foresee many people getting overpaid tommorow...

If the Riders don't sign Fantuz, they are going to be worse than that show "Corner Gas".

Greg Carr going to Edmonton

Dave Naylor said on twitter that is not true

Slow start thus far, only official signing is January resigning in winnipeg

According to Dave Naylor's twitter, Cary Koch to the EE.

Confirmed and good signing I say.

...... official Glenn January re-ups in the Peg......Carr going to the esks.????? doubt it if they just signed Koch BUT Tilman does have some cash to throw around (that could easily be sucked up in a hurry if Fantuz ends up in green&gold)????

Again according to Naylor's twitter, Paul Waldo(SP?) to Sask, guess he from Regina? I did not know that, but a decent signing, do not think he will start, but could be a great st player, and spot duty if Butler goes down.

That one was no surprise to me, yes Woldu is a Saskatchewan boy. Don't know about spot duty at safety, don't know if he's ever played that position. . . in Montreal he always played corner, whenever he did get to play other than ST, which wasn't terribly often.

His stats aren't great but he was behind some other receivers and had some injury issues with the Riders. He made some great plays there though. Fantuz and Labatte aside, if he can stay healthy and get in the lineup regularly he could end up being a steal for the eskies.

I get Fantuz wanting to take his time and make the right decision, get the best deal possible, and some of his reluctance to sign somewhere may be from lingering desires to give the NFL one more shot. But if he is coming back to the CFL next season for sure he would be wise to make a decision sooner rather than later. Once other teams start spending money in other areas the number of teams with enough money to spend on him starts dwindling.

Speaking of teams with money to spend, Toronto has been quieter than usual for them. Wonder if having that new fat RIcky Ray contract on the books is hampering them somewhat.

Sorry about doing this on here, I know its just for signings, but I meant if we only started 7 NI and Butler went down, Woldu could go in for CB and and Import to safety, sorry for the confusion!

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Wow...Eskies sign DT - Don Oramasionwu

.....Don't like to throw cold water on the esks. signing of Donny O but he had a shot at starting in the Peg and goes to another back-up position in edm. :roll: ...Apparently Burke didn't see him as the answer for us thus the low ball offer from Mack...Hot word in the Peg now is that Aaron Hunt is directly on Bomber radar :roll: