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Rules and Guidelines (Last Updated: February 2, 2022)

(Version française)

If you suspect a post or a user’s behavior violates these rules, please use the flag function of the forum or contact any of the CFL Forum Staff.

1 - Keep posts relevant to the forum topic at hand.

  • CFL Forums is a football forum, and we encourage conversations and healthy debate about your favorite teams and topics about football.

  • Threads that go too off-topic or are not directly relevant to football and sports may be locked/deleted.

2 - Sexually explicit, profane or objectionable content/language are not allowed on CFL Forums.

3 - Be passionate, but also be respectful and civil with all members, both in public and private messaging.

  • In particular: No Bullying, bashing, dogpiling, trolling, personal attacks or negative comments directed at others about sexual orientation, sexual identity, religion, race, age, marital status, gender, mental health and personal attributes.

  • Instigating toxic activities on CFL forums also falls under this rule and is prohibited.

  • There will be disagreements. Cooler heads will prevail. Take a step away from heated debates. If in doubt, flag the post or talk to a mod/admin about it.

4 - Team-specific forums are safe havens for those fans. Trash-talk from fans of other teams in those forums is not allowed.

5 - No Spam or self-promotion

  • If interested in promoting your blog or product or you made content you want to share with the forum, please contact the mods/admins first before posting.

6 - No Duplicate Posts or cross-posting

7 - One account per member

  • Duplicate, fake, throwaway and extremely old accounts will be deleted.

  • Do not create accounts to circumvent a ban. You can always contact the CFL through the website contact form.

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