"Official" EDF pre discussion Thread

Lets keep it all in one. Seems our "friends" and i use that term loosely already have the trash talk going over there. Seems we dont stand a chance :roll:

I hope Baggs gets back in next week, I think he will come to play since he had to ride the pine today. Hinds should be back which will help us in the secondary. We are still giving up the big play.

It would be nice if we could get Woodny Turenne back too.

Yeah i would not mind seeing him replace Bo Smith.

Let's try and keep the trash talk to a minimum. Many of us did nothing but yap before the previous three meetings with Winnipeg and look how that turned out.

Re: Tureene
He was in street clothes at practice on Friday, so if he wasn't even practicing I'm not sure what the chances of him playing next week are like. Probably low. (Hope I'm wrong)

The big one is Hinds, I think many agree that he's our best player in the secondary. Getting him back on the corner would mean a lot to this defense. Not to mention it would allow us to start would should be a rejuvenated Stevie Baggs.

Let the Bummer fans do the yapping after all they are good at it.

I like the idea, but I wanted to start a poll so I had to do it in a new thread.

It seems alot of Bomber fans in tonight’s Free Press article are leery of the Ticats and of their own teams ability.

From my point of view…our offense will really need to step it up, especially our front line as the Bombers defense is quite formidable. Their secondary is aggressive to the point that at times I can’t believe that they haven’t gotten more PI penalties.

Our defense has to key on Garrett and Pierce’s running ability as well as the big plays to Edwards/Carr and Denmark. We REALLY need the pass rush in this next game.

Was Hinds at practice this past week and on the field?

And I wonder if Hinds would still be effective in the secondary, with being out so long and then what happens if he gets re-injured in the game, which forces us to remove Baggs as well or do some other shuffling.

We won't know these answers earliest Wednesday, if not until Friday.

Meh. .we didn't "stand a chance" in Montreal today either... how'd that work out?

MODs can they be merged?

Hinds practised but didn't do a whole lot, just participated in some individual drills.

You make a good point about him possibly re-injuring himself during a game. I guess that's something you would have to risk.

This is where I had hoped Rwabukamba would be ready to step in if needed by this point in the season, the same way Hinds was able to last year.
Have the coaches not been happy with his progress, or has he been dinged up a bit?
He was at least getting into the lineup as the 6th or 7th DB earlier in the year, but hasn’t even been in the lineup lately.

I think Rwabukamba stopped playing around the time Hinds went out. He is Hinds's backup, so with Hinds out, they needed the NI at another position (like D-line). That might explain why he has been a scratch for the last few weeks.

Hinds came along at a rapid pace last year. Not even the team expected him to start when he did last season, IIRC. I don't think Rwabukamba is behind as much as Hinds was light years ahead.

But if Hinds does play next week, Rwabukamba will probably be back in the lineup as well.


most impressive was how Hamilton won. The Ticats came into the game as the CFL's worst rushing team (92.4 yards per game) but ran for 161 yards and four touchdowns against an Alouettes defence that was the league's stingiest against the run (90 yards per game).

Two of Hamilton's biggest plays came on the ground with Marcus Thigpen's 50-yard TD run in the first quarter and Avon Cobourne's 46-yard scoring run that put the Ticats ahead 44-37 in the fourth.

Cobourne finished with a game-high 97 yards rushing on 14 carries and the TD.

The run game will be of paramount importance for Hamilton because Winnipeg's defence was the CFL's best against the pass (223.1 yards per game). The Blue Bombers also boast the league's top pass thief in Jovon Johnson (eight interceptions, two returned for TDs).
The Bombers posted a CFL-high 55 sacks and allowed a league-low 301.1 yards against per game. Winnipeg was third in points allowed (24 per game) as well as rushing yards allowed (101.2 per game).
[url=http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/football/bombers-defence-key-to-stopping-ticats/article2234967/]http://www.theglobeandmail.com/sports/f ... le2234967/[/url]

Maybe, but you'd think for his development he should still be in there as the extra DB. The last few weeks they'd been using Wladichuk and Michael Carter (before they cut him) in that spot, until Collins came back this week.

If Hinds is ready I am wondering who will play safety? Thomas or Collins? Whats up with Shivers is he done for the year? Like i said I would also like to see Tureene in there replacing Bo.

Maybe neither. Remember Hinds was moved to safety the last couple of games before he was injured.

Hinds wasn't very good at safety. I fully expect to see either Thomas/Collins at safety regardless of what happens.

Hinds is a corner, and a pretty good one, leave him where he feels most comfortable.

But I would rather see Collins at safety as opposed to Thomas. It seems like Collins really flies around every time he gets into the game.