Official Draft Order?

I know the CFL is real proud of the new website, but unless I’m missing something, I don’t see the draft order on it anywhere. I can only find it on Speaking of which, the draft is one week away and there haven’t been any confirmations that the draft will be aired. I see that TSN has a time slot reserved at 7pm ET for the CFL Draft for one hour and that’s it. Then there’s an Invictus Games Recap at 8pm ET. Weak. What’s the deal? Has anyone heard anything about this?

Montreal finished 3rd last, so that gives them 3rd pick in each round....expect the first where they pick second. They don't list any trades like they do is the other rounds. So why are they picking second?

Did I miss the financial report of all the teams in regard to the cap? Not that I am expecting anyone to lose a pic... but its always possible

Never mind the second pick question...I see that Wpg forfeited their first round pick in the supplemental draft

...Yes and got one heck of a player in Waggoner...This kid will light it up this year...So we have the first 2 picks in round 2..bang bang...I know the riders are sniffing around for those slots in exchange for no 1 BUT I think we'll be sticking with what we have. :wink:

It was brief, but no team has exceeded the cap in 2015.

[url=] ... -2015-cap/[/url]