Official Draft Day Thread

Leave your thoughts as to what you think of our picks here!

1st overall = Dylan Barker

Great pick, perfect fit.

Hopefully he's capable of starting, if not, I still think we've got a great player for the future.

It's good to see the secondary being over-hauled.

My guess is that he competes with Mariuz for the starting OLB job rather than secondary.

Barker can play safety, DB and LB. The Ticats should use multiple coverages that utilize his speed and size in all those scenarios.

Considering that the players we really wanted were swallowed up by the NFL, Barker becomes an acceptable pick, but I wouldn't be looking for much from this player in his first year if he even makes the team.

good pick. he is very fast and big. if emry falls to 8 we should snap him up.

Who will we take 8th?




St. Pierre

Montreal is high on Emry, and will probably take him next.

Any links to watch...TSN is not working for me!!

Never it now.

this selection will probably be St. Pierre.

Emry is gone but Jason Akagri still available.


wow, we got probably the two best players in the draft.

Man Both Top Picks.. Unreal..

Great acquisitions!

Oskie Wee Wee!

Obie...Obie...Obie :lol: :lol:

I have to say I'm extremely impressed with how Obie has handled the draft so far. Two great picks and a good trade!