Official Crest of the City of Hamilton with Tiger

Was looking up some information on the city web pages a came across this, the official crest of the city. You will note the figure on the right hand side. Way things are going that just might have to be replaced. With all the the goings on, it might be fun, for a change to come up with something new. I will start by suggesting we change the Tiger to a MULE named Fred.

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"The Tiger: Hamilton was famous as ‘Tiger Town’ prior to the naming of the city’s present CFL football team."

That's something I never knew. Did there use to be a lot of tigers roaming these parts or something?.

I'm not really sure why prior to the Football team Hamilton was know as Tigertown. I know the Hamilton Tigers back in 1920 were around. I believe several amateur rugby and hockey teams bared the name, it probably also had to do with British Empire and people being repositioned from India to Canada, that would be my guess.

I think it refers to the fact that the Tiger-Cats are an amalgamated team. The two teams coming together in 1950 were the Hamilton Wildcats and the Hamilton Tigers. What they are saying is that the city was known as Tiger Town prior to the amalgamation of the teams, and the city didn't become known as Tiger-Cat Town after the amalgamation.


Council should follow the motto on the coat of arms.