Official CFL Magazine

For those of you that do not know about it, there is an offical CFL magazine, I mean there was.

For the last two years there was a CFL magazine called "Official CFL magazine". It contained articles on all the teams and would do articles on some players, past and present. I thought it was a very good magazine. But now after only 2 years it has been cancelled by the CFL as the CFL no longer wants to publish the magazine.

I find this strange since it was the ONLY magazine that was only for the CFL. Now the old magazine are going to be collectors items and are going for $10 each already.

I don't find it suprising. The CFL magazines aren't very successful.

Many CFL fans get the information they need from the team sites or the main CFL website.

I think the NFL and the NCAA has more success with their magazines because of having more teams thus more players. I think it would be more difficult to follow the entire league based on the enormousity of it.

i defiantly would of bought one of the magazines if they were on a store shelf, but i couldnt find them anywhere. Ive heard that they were only available by ordering online? is that true?

No, I bought mine at Chapter's here in Windsor. I only bought the first issue which I think I will hang on to since it might be worth something in 50 years!

I really didn't find the magazine that interesting. Besides I enjoy the drama of the various team forums far too much!

The Rouge Magazine was around in the early 2000's.