Official GAME TRACKER is a disgrace

Here is a link to the official GAME TRACKER page for the Week 4 Calgary/Saskatchewan game...
(Keep in mind... This is the actual OFFICIAL gameday stat tracker posted by the league)

After you first summon enough patience to simply figure out how to navigate around this clunky page, maybe then
you can explain why there are no player names in the breakdown of SCORING PLAYS or overall PLAY-BY-PLAY.

:thdn: :thdn:

The strange thing is that the names appear during the game, but disappear shortly after it’s over.

Well, it is called “Live Play”. Once it’s no longer live, it’s dead.

It's a work in progress...not sure why the names of the said play just goes poof afterwards - hopefully will improve in "TIME"

It has worked quite well the last two years, with one exception in the games I looked at where the players names were missing. Why this is now happening for every game, no idea. (Time for the local conspiracy theory contingent to pipe up?)

not likley.