Official Burn the Witches Thread

The hole that Ham has dug itself into is getting deeper. We play the Bummers four times this year three times in Winnipeg.

While I am happy to have Burris over Glenn I am still shaking my head at his past 2 outings. Is bad Hank here to stay?

8) I hear you. I'm actually starting to feel the same way, and that's after 50 + years of following the TiCats.
   Actually this team had better turn things around and end up with a winning season, and a decent showing in the playoffs
   (if we make it), or this whole franchise could be in trouble again !!

     At this point in time, this team cannot afford to have another wasted season.

      Even longtime season ticket holders have had just about enough !!!

Any fan that says they don't care isn't a fan in my opinion and has no respect from me at all, for what that is worth and if it's worth nothing, so be it. I hear absolutely nothing in a comment like "I don't care anymore" other than a whiner and someone who I don't care to know, at all as a Cat fan. If you don't care, then really it's simple - get lost and fast.

Bad Hank (or Frank) historically, has never been here to stay. He shows up for a few games, but Hank usually surfaces and sends Frank packing. Certainly, after a three-fumble fiasco against Winnipeg, he'll be securing the football against Montreal.

Harsh, Earl ymy friend. There are all kinds of "not caring" and each describes a different psychological state. It may be a passive -aggressive state, it may be a defensive reaction of somebody who - for whatever reason - actually cares too much, it may simply be an untruth, and it may simply be a truth. It usually isn't "just whining." It is also usually transient.

I'm thinking that you might be experiencing your own defensive reaction to the team and maybe responding in an upset manner to negative sounding people. Me, I just started laughing at the sheer foolishness that happened during the last game and am having a hard time taking the 'Cats seriously right now. All normal human reactions, all different.

Rats.... I just went into counsellor mode.

Really? So fans are supposed to accept whatever crap is put in front of us and not question it? Man... you're making Tiger-Cats football sound like a Church!!! As paying fans I believe that people have the right to get to the point where they take a stand. A few losing season here and there are going to happen... but this is getting ridiculous!


  1. EVERY team (other than Hamilton) has played in a Grey Cup game in the past 10 years.
    1a) Of those 7 teams everyone has made it at least TWICE with the exception of Toronto.

  2. EVERY team has won a Grey Cup in the past 10 years other than Hamilton and Winnipeg, but at least Winnipeg made it to the dance 3 times.

So why do they deserve so much loyalty?

It's like having a girlfriend that continually cheats on you. Sure you love her... but isn't there a point where you're like... "hmm... maybe I can't take the heart break anymore".

I still love the Tiger-Cats (and always will) but I am seriously getting fed up.

"Take a stand". By doing what, whining on the internet even louder? I don't think any of us are happy that the Cats haven't been winning more, but what do you think wailing about some sort of moral fan outrage is going to achieve? Do you think the management and players are not trying to win? Do you think Caretaker cackles sadisticly and dances naked around a bonfire every time the team loses? Do you think Obie and Cortez stay up till the wee hours watching John Wayne movies and brainstorming ways to mess with the fans? Do you think Henry Burris was laughing behind your back after he fumbled 4 times?

They play Winnipeg three times this year. This past Thursday, September 21st in Winnipeg and October 27th here. If the team did play four times, they would be split two and two. No team would ever travel to another team three times in one regular season.

8) Wow, some very well thought out comments, especially to long time season ticket holders, who are becoming very
   frustrated !!

   I'm sure Bob Young would just love to hear your thoughts regarding your statement that if you don't care, it's simple-
    get lost and fast !!

     So anyone who more or less agreed with the original poster, who claimed he doesn't care anymore, has no respect
     from you at all ??  I really don't think anyone on here is even trying to get your respect, for what it's worth.

      Everyone on this forum is entitled to their own opinion, and just because someone makes a statement, following
       another joke of a game, they are in their right to do so.

       Just a couple of questions for you, exactly how many TiCat games do you personally attend each year, and how 
        long have you had season tickets (assuming of course you do) ???

its the "burn the witches" thread. If you dont like the negativity, open a "support the TiCats no matter what" thread.

I don't know what they're doing. Obviously they want to win but I WANT to be a multi-billionaire businessman... I'm not taking any steps that would lead me in that direction... BUT I WANT IT. So, sure the 'Cats brass WANTS to win... neat.

I'm just sick of bleeding Black and Gold only to endure season after season of poor results. The WORST results in the Canadian Football League.

So how do we "take a stand"? How ever you want. Personally I'm still going to be glued to the TV each and every game but I will spend less on apparel and other merchandise and take less road trips to Hamilton to see games. It's not going to break the Tiger-Cats bank but it's my small protest.

Rusty, just imagine though being a Leafs fan and still being a die hard one at that. :o

Those fans have my total and full respect, totally. :thup:

HERE HERE, THOSE ARE THE FACTS ! Also the fact that we have a total wash of 2013 with no clear cut games in and around the Hammer then Mr Caretaker and company better finally fix this team enough of the first 5 year plan now more like the 10 year plan :thdn:
If we don't do better than .500 and get further in the playoffs and being a no place to play in the hammer next year some fans are going to say the hell with all this crap oh wait we can sit in a new facility pay 10 bucs a beer and watch crappy footbal again in 2014 hip hip,hurray :roll: THIS TEAM MUST DO MUCH BETTER ITS MAKE OR BREAK this year