Official Burn the Witches Thread

Someone care to explain to me why the team fired the head coach and traded the quarterback just to get the same brand of football we've watched for three-plus seasons now? Everyone tarred and feathered those two when they were let go, while kissing the collective rears of Burris and Cortez, and yet we have a team in the exact same spot they were last year and the year before. Nothing has changed! Nothing! All this hype and we're watching another 9-9 unfold before out eyes.

I'll now predict how the rest of the season will play out (and I'll be ready to eat crow in November if I'm wrong, but I doubt I'll be wrong): they lose next week to Montreal (3-5), they win the two against Toronto (5-5), they beat Edmonton (6-5) and we all start talking about how they've finally turned the corner, they lose to Winnipeg (6-6), beat Montreal (7-6), lose to Edmonton (7-7), lose to BC (7-8), lose to Calgary (7-9), beat Winnipeg (8-9) and beat Toronto (9-9). Another 9-9 season and second-place finish. They'll lose the final game at Ivor Wynne Stadium in the playoffs to Toronto when Burris throws three picks to Ray's none. That's my prediction for how the next three and a half months will play out.

I sure hope that I am wrong, but when you watch the same movie a fourth time, the ending doesn't change. I've seen this movie before. This one is called "2009, Part 4." Sure, they change some of the principle cast members, but the plot is the same.

Oh no!

Gonna call that American school bus monitor and see if she can cough up some of her cash for you.

Did you get your jersey numbers and lettered?

Yeah, she should be handing out some of that cash!!!! LOL

I did NOT get my jersey lettered. I called the shop in Hamilton that I was given the info for but I had to get there by 2. I was traveling with a newly potty trained kid so, in reality, my 6 hour drive was actually about 8 hours. Didn't roll into town on time.

That all being said... not sure I want a number on the jersey... at least not right now!

In principle you are correct. The coach and QB go, and it's still the same old, same old. We will be 9-9 again this year.

The difference this year is that our offense actually has had us in position to win every week except the first.

If our defense plays somewhat better, we would have won at least 2 of our other 3 losses.

Our offense is better with Burris than Glenn. When Burris is bad, he has still put us in position to win. When Glenn was bad, we would have 8 points.

And his QBing/throwing tonight was very good. 68%, 368 yards, 2 TD, 0 ints during a limited time of possession due to many turnovers.

Even with our fumbles and with our lack of a running game, he had us in position to win. Glenn would never have us close in loses.

A couple stops on defense and we win. A few stops in some past games and we are 5-2.

Burris fumbles on the goal lines. They drive from their 25 down for 3 points. That was our chance to pin them deep in their territory and start with the ball around mid field. We don't stop them, and they drive the field. Unacceptable.

Disagree about Glenn. I think he has us close in a lot of games, but could not pull it out for whatever reason, like the playoff losses to BC and Toronto.

But, yeah, Burris is better IMO and I agree with your premise.

As I see it right now, yea maybe Burris is better, but that's only when Burris is on. If Burris is off, oh man is he ever rattled and to be honest if I was a Stamps fan, I'd feel much more confident in my team than I am right now as a Ti-Cat fan, and who's Stamps QB right now? Kevin Glenn, so as of right now, I think Glenn is playing better football than Burris.

Glenn is not playing better than Burris.

2 weeks ago, Glenn had 8 points.

Last week Glenn through for 150 some odd yards and was helped by 170 yards by Cornish.

Burris in a loss tonite had 368 yards. Give me Burris any day of the week.

I also think Burris is better than Glenn this year.

QB ratings

Burris 113.5 (1st, including tonight's game)
Glenn 95.3 (7th)

141 vs 267 by Burris. Burris was much better today except for the fumbles.

Might I suggest you go with number 99 on your jersey? You know, to represent how the season will go this year. :frowning:

IMO Obie needs to go... unless he was hired to make the Cats a 500 team, following the Leafs model.

Sign a big name, dump a couple salaries, sell tickets, play awful...

Now on to Montreal they will need a boost after losing to Ed tonight. What excuse will it be next frigging week. Who's turn will it be to play goat. :roll: :oops:

Where the frig was the french connection. :roll:

Sadly,it's getting to that point...

I simply expect nothing less than total ineptitude from this team year in/year out.I have no faith in the front office to correct chronic personnel issues with this team and I certainly no longer buy the hype that this team tries to con people with.

Losers to the core....

Whoa, 'losers to the core'? You're at 3-4, only a game under .500, and still tied for first place in the east (in fact, in sole possession of first place, since you've beaten both Toronto and Montreal in the head-to-head matchups). That offense is smoking. The thing with Burris is, he won't always fumble 3 times in a game. That happens every once in a while, and you have to grit your teeth and bear it. I would almost guarantee that he'll do a better job of securing the football next week.

Losers to the core...

See:The Bob Young Era and a few years before...

Actually,but for a few shining moments,see:The Hamilton Tiger-Cats since circa 1972...

Tactically I thought the offence had a good game plan, it was just execution. I thought the 3rd down gamble was a bad call but after watching the game, the play was there they just couldn't complete it. Cortez is a very good offensive coordinator; however, I'm still unsure about a head coach. Hamilton moved the ball but they kept giving it away with all the bloody fumbles.
As for the rushing game, I'm not sure if they are telegraphing their plays or they are constantly calling the wrong play because a number of times during the game Winnipeg was stacked inside as if they knew what we were going to run.

Defensively, I think Creehan was out-coached at times. On a few of Winnipeg's big runs the defense was playing a slant left or slant right, if you guess correctly you can usually plug all the holes, but if the offence runs a play to the opposite side you give up a pile of yards. Creehan may have a tendency to do certain things the same way in certain situations and the opposing coaches know this, it's easy to get yards if you know what the defense is going to do. I think Casey needs to re-evaluate his defensive game plans.

One player that might be on the bubble is Marc Dile. He should have had the first Burris fumble in the end zone; he had it in both hands. He also missed a couple blocking assignments and he has also taken some penalties at inopportune times.

What Hamilton must improve is mental focus and discipline. They are putting themselves in position to make the play; they just aren't making it when they have the opportunity. All these players have proven in the past that they can get it done but they need to demonstrate a stronger sense of desire and awareness to be able to do it.

I've never quite understood the urge to connect the team today with the teams of years past. The only thing those older Cats teams have in common with this one is the name. Different owners, players, coaches, GM, and the game has changed radically.

I mean, you guys are one game out of first place in the east. Hardly cause for doom and gloom. You turned the ball over SIX times but still had a shot at winning the game in the fourth quarter. You weren't blown out, you just failed to execute at times, on the road, against a desperate team.