Official Burn the Witches Thread

I can't wait. Even if we somehow manage to come back, there are some witches that need burning... or dunking.... or something.... anything. (Written at 12:23 of the 4th)

This was just a pathetic showing from top to bottom!

Other than Williams' great TD return this game has been a mess.

Our defense is useless and Burris must have butter on his hands because he can't hold onto the damn ball.

Here's to another .500 season.

This game is the definition of a joke, and the team isn't far from it. SIX turnovers, back to back losses to backup QB's.

The person to burn right now is Burris. 3 fumbles from one player alone.

Waiting for someone to try to blame Bo Smith for the secondary's performance...

So this team picked Creehan and his terrible defense over the likes of Marshall and Stubler and Reed was out there too. :thdn:

Offence has been awful the past 2 games I guess we can now see why Calgary was so happy to get rid of Burris for Glenn!

plenty of blame to go around....................... Is Gorge Cortez the new Charlie Taffe? It's like a bad movie that won't stop.

This loss has nothing to do George Cortez. The last play call was brutal but I understand his thought process considering we had already been stuffed on a 3rd and 1.

Cant crush a 1-5 division rival. D cant stop the ball, O cant hold on to the ball. now 3-4 I bought into the pre-season hype that this was going to be THE team in 2012. seen this movie before. looks like another .500 team if we are lucky.

Yes I've seen this movie before too, it's in reruns and it keeps playing over and over like some sick joke!

I bought into the hype too like the fool I am!

.500 team if we are lucky!

Really 3rd and inches and we Fu*king call a shot gun play with the game on the line????..

These coaches are a bunch of clowns, our defensive line is absolutely garbage, our linebackers are horrible(aside from Carlos Thomas), our secondary can't cover, our o-line is an absolute joke, we dress a sh!t ton of receivers and have 2-3 sit on the bench and dress one running back and are forced to play a fullback at running back for an entire half.

If we don't CUT Marc Dile and START Avon Cobourne, I will not attend another game this season..

Rant over..

I think blame has to be distributed all around.

Coaches clearly didnt prepare the team well enough for this game during the week.
The players played with a lack of focus and promptly gave the game to their opponents.
Cortez's call on 3rd and inches was just brutal, 10 out of 10 times in that situation you call a QB sneak.

This team will only go as far as the offence can take them. Defence win championships people. Move along, no Grey Cup to see here in 2012.

What the hell??? I might as well be the first to say.....

Bring back Bo Smith. Come on Bo....hurry up and get better. We need you.

Actually....what I could use is a shot of morphine.

It's more than Creehan and Burris.

Creehan can't rush the QB. No pressure on the QB, D line players suck.

3 easy picks right in DB and LB hands, they sucked too.

Offensive line can't run block at all. More suckage.

Walker can't power through a tackle for even 1 yard. Was jhe injured or benched. Stephenson looked better.

This is typical, pathetic Hamilton football that we've all been exposed to for the past decade or so.

Had 9 people over to watch the game, half left all pissed off near the beginning of the 4th, while the remainder, including myself, just postponed our pissed-offness til the end of the game, at which point everyone just took off.

Now that I'm calm again, I just gotta laugh at the continued pathetic displays this teams consistently produces.

Who would script that? Who would you rather have going into that game? Burris, an MOP vet, vs. a 3rd string rookie.

Talk about giving away a game.

Bet the most pissed off person was Alex Brink wondering why he didn't get to play against Hamilton.

What a joke!

Its easier to digest if you follow an actual successful team. I suggest you begin to cheer for the Red Wings or maybe the New England Patriots? Trust me it'll help with coping with the Ti-Cats :lol:

I can't wait to hear what the excuse is this week. And I hope they don't wuss out and say the the Bombers wanted it more. The cold hard truth is...the Ticats stink....still!!!

My teams are Canadiens, and Dolphins.

See the trend there? lots of glory in the 60s/70s.

I just simply do not care anymore.
sad, but true.


Drove 6 hours last week (Gas ), got a hotel room (Lodging ), had to eat (Food ), sat in the pouring rain to watch "my team" (Ticket )... Spent a pile of cash to see a huge stinker and went home with a TERRIBLE game-day experience.


I went home thinking that it probably couldn't get much worse than that performance/experience.

Then we took a trip to Winnipeg.