In Avon we trust, for 2013-2014 #22 is a must!

Avon, you have been and continue to be a stellar running back. I hope you are back with us next year. Also Chris Williams is going to be renegotiating his contract, trade another receiver away if you have to, but he is a must for resigning.

Avon for tailback, Avon for mayor!

I think bringing Avon back would be a something to consider. Nearing the end of the season the Cats finally figured out how to use both cobourne and walker as a 1-2 punch change up.
Problem is that What is the status of Martell Mallet as he is also a very good RB.
Also I am not sure if Cobourne would want to come back. he would certainly have to take a pay cut.
They also have Terry Grant who is also an excellent RB but what is his status and can he return to form after that injury.
The key would be to be able to have a back in which Chevon Walker can play continuing to be the change up back for the offense.

It's going to depend on how well both Grant & Mallett have rehabbed their injuries, but I'd love to have him back.

One other thing to consider is that Avon is really tough and doesn't seem to go down with injuries a lot. Mallet didn't even get out of training camp and Walker had injury problems a couple of times this season.

If Grant and/or Mallet can rehab and come back 100% along with Walker it will be a crowded backfield and will come down to dollars and cents. Cobourne will not have the kind of leverage he had this year to command that 150k salary and he will not get it being +30. With the CFL now gaining more exposure and credibilty then ever there will be a lot more backs like sheets and Simpson that will begin to consider the CFL as an option as they are in their prime years of around 25 and often have no room for them on an NFL roster.
Cobourne said it if he can make more money in his post football career he will not return to play for a salary cut.

8) I have a feeling that both Grant and Mallett will not play football again...especially Grant, with that severely broken
   foot !!

   Several players have come back to play after suffering a torn achilles, like Mallett's injury, but they were only a 
    shadow of their previous elite form, and ended up in an early retirement !!

     Considering the play of Avon this year,  I would bring him back in a heart beat !!!

If Mallet and Grant are unable to come back in their former talents then Cobourne would be ideal to coming back as I said with he and Walker finding the chemistry as a 1-2 back combo with Walker as the change up back. Whether he will be able to command that same High salary giving that Hamilton has the whole off season to find an import RB.
Or even sign cory Boyd is a possibility who was in top form when the Argos replaced him and he would also be a great 1-2 punch with walker as the change up back

Grant & Mallet are done. Those were career ending injuries. Yet for no other reason, when you have a coach, who is in their 2nd season & the seat is getting warmer ... You may want a veteran running back amongst your offensive players.

If Cortez et al don't bring Avon back, that spells a lot for me as far as what to expect from Hamilton.

Avon can play for me any day. Winner at every level.

With Cory Boyd being a free agent it may very well come down to if they can get boyd Cobourne will not be back if they cant then it will be a big decision with salary negotiations playing a role. Boyd is younger and is in prime shape and a strong runner

I would like to see Avon return as he brings a lot to this team. Not only his playing skills as a power running back and good blocker but his leadership and character. He is a team leader in my opinion and a strong motivator to younger players. I think Walker, as a younger player, could learn a thing or two from this guy . I highly doubt the decision makers will bring him back as he was only brought in due to injuries, but as mentioned above, those injured may not return at all. I don't think his age will hinder him for one more season.

TiCats want nothing to to do with Boyd. Especially a coach like Cortez. No chance of Boyd landing in the Hammer.

Avon excepted ... And only because he produced for HC George ...RB's are a dime a dozen in the minds of all 8 GM's across this league! Avon is solid. All 3 phases. I have watched how hard he works in training camp & not see how it pays in games.

Big mouth ... Bigger talent ... True pro!

if they don't sign him, then it will really show how stupid they really are , other CFL teams will jump all over him :cowboy:

:thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

Avon should have played all year !!!!!

I doubt it. A 34 year old back earning $150,000 annually will probably not fit into a CFL team’s plans. Some of the best backs in the league don’t earn near that much. We’ve seen numerous cases of good, productive running backs being released because younger, cheaper versions are available.
If the Ti-Cats are going to invest more of the salary cap budget to improve their defense, guys like Cobourne will be “on the bubble.” Don’t blame Avon or the team… blame the salary management system.

I don't think so. All of the other CFL teams had more than 4 months, earlier this year, to jump all over him and non did. The number one reason would be dollars and #2 age. I was one who agreed with his release, when Mallett was signed and wasn't keen on bringing him back when Mallett went down. My main reason -- $$$$. I was, though, quite impressed with his 2012 attitude, effort and on-field success and also with the fact that he, for the most part, refrained from making trouble-making comments and tweets. My hat is off to him for all he's done in his career and in his return to Hamilton this year. However, without a major restructuring down of his contract, I wouldn't support bringing him back. I expect his CFL future, if there is one, will again be as an emergency reliever.

Disagree. At one time, they were career ending. Now? There's a good chance both can come back.

Coalburner has to come back he is one tough SOB, to let him go to another team would be sick. :thup:

I thought they were crazy to release him last year. I still say Mallett is untested after being a live tackling dummy in the NFL. We know what Avon produces on the field and he is a natural leader. We should keep him as he is worth every penny.