It's official, our friend Eric Tillman has signed a contract, and will sign it anytime this week. He has verbally agreed, and he told me he will not sign anything untill his family joins him to Regina.

As Eric, and myself are good friends, he has asked me to join him, so I will be making the trip to Regina, and will be delaying my visit to Hamilton.

For thos who are in Regina we will be meeting at the TABLE LOUNGE on Thurseday 2pm, scheduled for the game day lounge immedietly following the press conference.

As I previously messaged this briefing yesterday, I apologize to those who I did not affectly turn the news into page 4 of the fax.

I will resend the documents tomorrow as I will still be in Edmonton around 3pm.

I as well do not offer up sources as it is important to keep these sources happy and worth the respect that they deserve.

I do not care if those in the forums wan't answers, because there not getting them. Those who are thankfull, you are welcome and I hope you enjoy the updates.

For the pros, I think you should take the documents that are sent on the game files, and make sure they are kept privately and use them at your own risk at your respected news media outlets.

Thank you

hmmm.....has signed already.....will not sign until his family is there.....interesting.....very interesting.....NOT

I know, eh? I haven't seen flip flopping this bad since Jean Chretien was running the show on Parliament Hill. :roll:

Official means that the team issues a statement saying so and so has signed and this doesn't sound like it has happened yet. Better get back on the phone to Tillman and find out when the media release is coming out...then it will be OFFICIAL BREAKING NEWS as opposed to some clown beaking off pretending he is in the know.

People in the know don't blab private conversations on public forums.

Has anyone else in Regina ever heard of the 'Table Lounge'. I sure have not. Am I missing someting?

McMahon, have you been into the sauce a little early this week?

This week??? Try all the whole time he has been on theese threads