It's official, our friend Eric Tillman has signed a contract, and will sign it anytime this week. He has verbally agreed, and he told me he will not sign anything untill his family joins him to Regina.

As Eric, and myself are good friends, he has asked me to join him, so I will be making the trip to Regina, and will be delaying my visit to Hamilton.

For thos who are in Regina we will be meeting at the TABLE LOUNGE on Thurseday 2pm, scheduled for the game day lounge immedietly following the press conference.

As I previously messaged this briefing yesterday, I apologize to those who I did not affectly turn the news into page 4 of the fax.

I will resend the documents tomorrow as I will still be in Edmonton around 3pm.

I as well do not offer up sources as it is important to keep these sources happy and worth the respect that they deserve.

I do not care if those in the forums wan't answers, because there not getting them. Those who are thankfull, you are welcome and I hope you enjoy the updates.

For the pros, I think you should take the documents that are sent on the game files, and make sure they are kept privately and use them at your own risk at your respected news media outlets.

Thank you

McMahon scares me.

Yoda was less cryptic...


Verbally-signed contracts, eh? Signed anytime?

:D :D :D

Your Buckeye Newshawk Award will be sent from WKRP once the Krazy Glue has allowed the hawk to re-bond to the arborite base. :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,

Yeah, sometimes J-Lo had problems making actual adverbs and expressing them to Bennifer with her mouth full. :wink:

Once again, allow me to point out some 0LD news: this chat room is called "Tiger-Cats Chat". Not "CFL Breaking News Wire", or "Info About Teams You Don't Care About", or "Covert And Delusional Media Wannabees Chat".

This must be Marty York.

That has been my thought too.Did the Metro fire him and now has to ply his trade here?

McMahon needs a spell checker, a high school English course, and an adjustment to the tinfoil helmet... seems like it's strapped on a little tight.

My sources tell me that when McMahon is not cluttering up the CFL boards, he is actually a crash-test dummy by trade. :wink:

Mixed with the fillings in his teeth is creating the charge that is receiving these transmissions from planet Breaking News.

This could be the reason the TiCats play calling headsets arent working properly and the plays aren't getting to field level

I wonder what the motive is here. I'm inclined to beleive this is someone who gets a kick out of watching everyone else go crazy after one of his posts. I can't for the life of me think of a reason why an actual CFL employee of some sort would get any kick out of posting on fan forums.

There is also, of course, the issue of having claimed at one point to be in Vancouver & 6 minutes later having been in the locker room in Regina...

Let's start a Guess who McMahon is thread.

I guess Matt Dunnigan. Too many concussions.

Too many n's... :wink:

Dunigan. Maas. Repeat.. :wink:

Oski No "Mass",

schivers didn’t get fired…tillman got hired!! this is a typical tillman move…find the team that he can make a move on and to hell with everyone else…tillman on his best day can’t compare with schivers…bring schivers to hamilton…

Good idea, but I KNOW who “he” is.

Details to follow.

Right, just as I thought, no one is interested.

But (just like McMahon) I won't let that deter me and tell you all who the person is.

Think about it. Somebody has a trip booked to Toronto and Hamilton.... has meetings set with CFL officials, but changes all that because Eric Tillman wants them to be in Regina when he is announced as the new GM. Who is the only person close enough for

A) Tillman to "want" at such a signing and

B) Willing to change travel plans to be there (it's not like signing a contract is important like a wedding or a funeral.)??

McMahon is none other than MRS. ERIC TILLMAN!

Sorry Tuck…it is not Mrs. Tillman

I firmly believe McMahon is non other than our own BOB YOUNG!!!

Think about it…

  1. “Claims” to know people in CFL management
  2. Never sticks around long enough to answer questions about his posts
  3. Doesn’t know squat about football!!!
  4. Has never once yelled the “forbidden chant” (or will admit to saying it)
  5. they are never online at the same time.

Who else could it be? :lol: