OFFICIAL : Barrin Simpson signs 4 year deal with...BOMBERS!

I'm happy to see the Bombers improve.

there's more than one guy starring on our d' about Canada ...Walls...Fleming....I think they'll be spending a lot of time in your back-field ...along with Simpson......... :lol:

kevin glenn is a back up on any other team....and if you look at eskies,stamps D compared to yuors...even with barrin it still sucks

.....they can spend as much time in my stamps backfield as they want.....oh, wait, what's that?, Reynolds trying to be chased by Blue Bomber DBs......

I think you're way off base there Raw Ricky.....and we'll be glad to show you just how much in the coming year....without Maas you guys are looking like an ordinary team...very beatable....... :lol: :lol:

lol yah we have some dumb QB with 2 grey cup rings in 3 years and been in the grey cup all 3 years....HES A BUM

...yeah and if it weren't for Maas last year...your last ring wouldn't have materialized....and naw he's not a bum....but he's going to spend a lot of time on it..we got this guys number now... :lol:

we''ll see Papa.....ricky is the man...3 rings

im curious what do you think about kevin glenn? with how many rings :smiley:

2 rings

NOMINEE: Best comeback line of the season

The only way Glenn will get a ring is if he buys a jewlery store


Kevin Glenn #5


5-10, 189, Illinois State ’00

DOB: June 12, 1979 in Detroit, MI

Acquired: T2004-Toronto

Years CFL/WBB: 6/2

Games CFL/WBB: 80/33

Playoffs CFL/WBB: 3/0

Grey Cups CFL/WBB: 0/0

ACQUIRED: The Bombers acquired Glenn in a March 21, 2003 trade with the Toronto Argonauts.

2005 – Despite missing three games due to injury, Glenn had his best season as a Bomber. He completed 231 of 403 pass attempts (57.3 per cent) for 3,571 yards and 27 TDs. His 27 TD passes were third best in the CFL. He also rushed for one TD on Oct. 10 versus the B.C. Lions. That Oct. 10 game at Canad Inns Stadium was arguably Glenn’s best single-game performance of his CFL career. He passes for 410 yards and five TDs, including four TD completions to slotback Milt Stegall. Glenn also topped the 400-yard passing mark (416) in a Week 7 loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats. No. 5 topped the 300-yard mark on five occasions in ’05 (Weeks 8, 9, 10, 11, 15).

2004 –In eight games, Glenn passed for 2,329 yards on 274 attempts and 166 completions for an average of 14 yards. He also had 14 touchdown passes and eight interceptions. Glenn also rushed 30 times for 125 yards and two touchdowns.

2003 – Glenn dressed for all 18 regular-season games plus the 2003 West Division Semifinal and the 2003 West Division Final. Glenn completed 40-of-his-73 pass attempts (54.8 per cent) for 508 yards, one touchdown and four interceptions. He also rushed 13 times for 48 yards and a 3.7-yard average.

2002 – Glenn played in 11 regular-season games as well as the 2002 East Division Semifinal. He started three games on the season. He completed 60-of-95 passes (63.2%) for 777 yards, three touchdowns and three interceptions. He rushed 21 times for 83 yards (4.0-yard average) and one touchdown.

2001 – Glenn originally signed with the Riders on June 8, 2001. He appeared in 18 regular-season games for Saskatchewan in 2001. He started six games that year. Glenn completed 70-of-154 pass attempts (45.5 per cent) for 938 yards, nine touchdowns and two interceptions. He recorded 28 carries for 152 yards (5.4-yard average) and two touchdowns.

ok ro1313..where in his bio does it say he has 2 rings. man no wonder liberals lost

I was correcting you!
Ray only has 2 not 3

How is your buddy Harper with his 2 broken promises before being sworn in?

Geez…already some of them are planning a Grey Cup parade down Portage and Main… :roll: …I must apologize to the Rider posters…I thought you guys were the only ones that planned Grey Cup parades before the first Coin is flipped. :wink: …But a couple of Bomber posters are beating you to the punch this year.

There are way too many holes on Defense. Having said that, Marshall as DC and with Simpson will go along way towards filling some. Still not enough to get the BB out of last place. And especially when combined with Glenn as the starting QB. He is not top flight.

argotom, u keep knockin Glenn, but his numbers were among some of the best....i think u might have to eat your words this

Enough you guys this is a FOOTBALL THREAD not the i hate harper thread.

DG I would love nothing better but to see the BB turn it around and especially since this is their GC year. But, I just do not see it in Glenn. He was maybe average last year for a last place team. In order to improve the teams fortunes, like Calgary did with Smilin Hank, in the CFL you need a QB to take the team over the top.

We will see who will be the power in the EAST and WEST.

Argotom I am with you on this one. I hope the bombers do better but I am uncertain about Glen. He really did not show he could be the franchise guy. The problme is that Taman may have signed Simpson but he has to show he can bring raw talent to this team as well. Jim Barker did this well last year for the Stamps. People only talk about the FA's signed but the reall help for the Stamps was Barkers eye for talent not in the league. Rambo, Jenkins, Anderson, Walton, Kelly the list goes on. This is the measurement of a good GM. Bomber fans this is how you judge Taman. I still believe he will not do this.