OFFICIAL : Barrin Simpson signs 4 year deal with...BOMBERS!

It appears the B.C. Lions defense has taken a hit.

According to Mojo Radio in Vancouver, linebacker Barrin Simpson has agreed to a four-year deal with the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

The five-year CFL veteran led the Lions with 71 defensive tackles along with six sacks in 2005. He has been a West Division All-Star four years in a row.

In 2001, Simpson was named the CFL Rookie of the Year.

The CFL free agency period began at Midnight et/ 9pm pt on Wednesday evening.

…What a signing for the BigBlue…he could be the catalyst for a strong ‘D’ recovery…in the Peg…that should fill a few empty seats…and not only that Gavin Walls has also signed a long term deal with the Bombers…saying he will be a Bomber for a very long time…can you spell ecstatic…sorry Sportmen… you’re info on a Hamilton signing was a little premature…welcome home Barrin… :smiley:

........hey, that is a good pickup for the BBs........this is what you guys needed to shore up a questionable LB area........good signing for Winnipeg and Barrin........

Although he came at a hefty price, having the GC there will help with that. This guy is one heck of a linebacker and should really help the Bombers.

article now posted. weird thing about this signing though...........TSN's posted time on their article is 2:37am EST.........working back from that time, allowing for info leakage, writing, posting, etc. this means that Barrin and Taman were able to come to an agreement, a complicated one no doubt if it is a four year deal, in the space of say, an hour, maybe an hour and a half after the FA season started?........doesn't sound like a lot of time, makes you wonder if they had previously talked, a violation of the non-interference rule.......

hey at least simpson will bring the bombers out of emberrasment and into mediocrity

i think taman coulda pitched an agreement in principal in that time....based mostly on a dollar value, and now they will spend a day or two workin out the details....

and players are allowed to talk to players about joining thier team. remember stegall said he would be talkin to guys about commin to the Peg...maybe he talked to simpson.

Hey Papa....You missed the best part this morning. After CKNW reported all month that Simpson was a sure thing for Hamilton, today AFTER he signs with Winnipeg, JP McConnel says he knew along Simpson would sign in Winnipeg because of the relationship with Richard Harris.......Can you say Marty York Twin brother!

Thats a good signing for you guys.

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Former Lion linebacker headed to Winnipeg

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers made a big splash today in the CFL free agent market with the signing of linebacker Barrin Simpson.

As per team policy, terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Simpson was the most sought after player in this year’s CFL free agent pool. Six of nine CFL clubs were said to be interested in acquiring his services.

“We said we were going to be aggressive in improving this football club and the signing of Barrin Simpson is proof of that,� said Blue Bombers general manager Brendan Taman.

“It’s no secret that we needed to improve our defence. The addition of Barrin addresses that issue and we expect he will have an immediate impact on this football team, both on the field and in the dressing room.�

Simpson said he is ecstatic to be joining the Blue Bombers after several visits to Canad Inns Stadium as a member of the opposition.

�I remember coming to Winnipeg to play in 2001 and 2002 and how tough it was coming in here to play,� he said. “Fans loved their team. It was something else.

“When it came time for me to choose a team, it really came down to my desire to be in a football city. Everybody loves football here. That was one of the greatest reasons I wanted to be here.�

Goodbye Barron. BC will miss you. Best of luck. Hope your team gets a QB cause it does not have one yet.......

Just what the Doctor ordered! Still need more major help in the secondary though.

well...i keep reading the Bluebombers are gunning for Karikari....that should be quite the improvement from last year.


......hey, guilty as charged, and Rooke paid a fine for it..........

i think that this is a sign that the blue bombers are going to win the 2006 grey cup its like god is making this happen to all of us!!!!

thx barrin

.....because apparently God has nothing else pressing and has decided to take care of free it..... :wink:

....Karikari is within the realm and close to signing.....but where....Taman says he ain;t finished yet.....could be... could be....Bomber fans hold your breath.....the rest of the can START worrying now......who was it said defenses win champinonships....well we got a good start...we're back... :smiley:

......settle down, check your BP.........Barrin was a good signing but one man does not a defense make.........

especially since karikari is used to that montreal defence, which coach berry says he would like to see the bombers implement.