Official Banjo Bowl Gameday Thread!

Im on my way to the game but Ill kick it off here!!


good luck! :lol:

Winnipeg better win. I'm not gonna be happy is I finish the week 1-3...

..but I will be... :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm 3-0 this week in picking who I THOUGHT would win

However, the teams I actually WANTED to win are 0-3.

This game, the team I am cheering for is also the team I picked. So I think I'm screwed. :slight_smile:

Is there any team out there that doesn't know that the Riders struggle to stop the run?

Winnipeg's O-line is opening up some great holes for Reid. 7-0. :smiley:

OK, problem with the commentary

The Frasier penalty DID NOT take the interception off the board. But for the infraction, the interception never would have happened.

Damn. bad fumble.

This is not good

Would've preferred a TD off the turnover, but 10-0 isn't bad.

Riders O line is leaky again.

Durant is in for a long, bruising game

And Rodriguez, the Kelly Campbell clone, drops another one

Big tie for no points boys

Could go either way on the decision to go for it
but I hated the play call

in essence the play makes Cates gain 5 yds instead of 1

TO on downs for it

Winnipeg D is stoked/fired up

Yes, they are. And the O is about 1 yard shy of a first down. Come on, Bombers! :thup:

Durant needs to be taken back and controlled again..

Doug Berry has allowed Durant full control over the offense and he's making terrible decisions over and over.

They need to recede and start telling him who to throw to and where to go, no more of this full reign and deciding himself.

he's screwing up.

and yes that O-Line is the pits.

Mullinder (who's a defender) totally missed that guy, if he had blocked who he was supposed to block, we'd have gotten that First down!

Chief, I am unclear why you are cheering for the Bombers. Aren't they the Esk's competition for a playoff spot?

Fred Reid huge run for the major

the way things are going?

this game is over.

Riders are gonna flop today. :frowning: :roll: