Official Attendance Thread

Because the attendance is not readily available in the schedule anymore , we can post the attendances here. Even if we just steal from Soudog's site.

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Attendance was 27,846. Not sure about the penalties.

If you place cursor on game and tap it will come up with stats including attendance .

TSN has the better stats page.

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Ottawa 14 penalties Esks 12.

Well that was a surprise.. The Lions and Stamps had the least penalized game by far... The Argos has the second least amount of penalty yardage this week.
Overall,it was bad, but not as bad as I thought. The average team took about 90 yards of penalties, which is still too much, but atleast it was still a double digit average.
I believe the league needs to get that number around to about 50 yards per team per game. Heaven forbid the average rushing yards per game exceeds the average penalty yards per game.

I think by the end of week 3 things should settle down.

Seems to be lots of the "hands to the face" calls by the offensive linemen and the offside and illegal procedure penalties are a bit of a concern.

Not sure about the "eye in the sky" ref speeding things up as there were a number of times that there was a lag in the time it took to clarify a call.

Which site?TSN?

Oh.. Its n the

BC 21
Toronto 24
Winnipeg 26
Edmonton 27
These are official stats only, and not bums in seats.

The one I am surprised at is actually Edmonton's 27,000 I thought they would be at least 30 plus. Nice new features to the stadium , great team , lots of seats at modest prices and nice day to watch a game .

Lastly when I listen to the radio shows out there they get lots of support from the media . They are ESK friendly out there so what gives you can't blame the economy as I am sure they will pay for the Oilers games .

Never like to see the rock of the league getting these smaller crowds even if they are better than other CFL teams in attendance .

I agree , a bit disappointing attendance wise after winning a grey cup and all , it did rain game day and cleared up shortly before the kickoff, Sask is next up in two weeks , with Chris Jones returning I would imagine there will be in excess of 40,000 for that one .

Unless temp seats are brought in for the opener I doubt it as Mosaic holds around 33,500 max... but if tickets are being gobbled up like mad then it would make sense to expand as demand dictates.


I'm confused with your post and maybe its you who are are confused where the game is being played, the game is in Edm. that is why I said, "with Chris Jones returning" (to edm)............ so I think 40,000 is a very strong possibility and temp seats will not be required .

argh.....I stand corrected and idiotic as usual MP.

time for me to get tested for early seriously.

Careful guys. A few more comments like that and you will be accused of being Rogers employed trolls out to sabotage the league. :wink:

People talking about it being a great day weather-wise in Edmonton…correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t there a one-hour lightning delay?

I was at a Ticat game last summer, a beautiful evening and then out of nowhere we get a half hour lighting delay it happens. Don't think it was in the forecast and for the vast majority of fans that had already bought tickets it probably wouldn't make a difference even if it was in the forecast.

This coming from Homer Pat B or Homer Pat 1 that thinks that TFChas rolled out the red carpet for the Argos, and that we should all get on our knees for allowing the CFL onto their pitch, and who believes that Arash Madani and Bob McClown are great CFL boosters... If I remember correctly. Homer Pat B1 is also a Rogers subscriber, and went to most of the Bills in Toronto games, because he loves free tickets.

Your thinking of Winnipeg's delay for lightning . The ESKs and RB's game was on time .

I thought they (Cuthbert/Suitor) commented on lousy weather prior to the game, but maybe they were referencing Winnipeg's from earlier.