Official Attendance thread for Montreal game! No hostility!

This is the only thread for attendance for the big Montreal game this Friday, a very likely Grey Cup matchup.

Attendance predictions are welcome but NO HOSTILITY. No exceptions!

Tell us where you're sitting and if you're a new fan what brought you back to BC Place.

So far tickets appear to be ahead of this same point 5 days before the last game. We'll have to wait and see the walk up, but I think 40,000 is doable.

aww, gee, not another...... :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :wink:

i am done with my hostility too. i am sorry for the way i acted.

i think it will not be possibalr to hit 40,000 until after laber day as it is every year but i think during the summer 34,000 every game is dooable, and i don't know what you were looking at gameseven but tickets have been a stanstill for this game, i predict 32,000.

It's my birthday on Friday and I'll be there, hopefully the Lions can give me a W as a bday gift!

i will be there too, i was at fridays game and the atmosphere was unril.

32,000 seems about right. Based on last Friday's attendance (37,000) and the amount of fans who stayed behind after the game, I think the Bob Ackles tribute game attracted about 5,000 more fans.

Back-to-back home games in July are a tough sell but it will still be over 30,000 fans thanks to the large season ticket base.

Montreal wont draw as much as Saskatchewan or a Bobby Ackle tribute. Id agree with 32,000.

I am guessing 29000.

I got my reasons.

Thats awfully low. I hope not. Thursday July 19th last year drew 29,045 but that was Hamilton. 32,000 sounds about right. We had 26,242 for a preseason game, and Montreal is a bit of a rivalry with the Grey Cups and all that. 32,000 would be the low number, and getting numbers anywhere like this in July is really amazing actually. I think 40,000 is possible, but this Batman movie and Heath Ledger i think is really drawing people away from the games too. It should be goin up though, our average attendance considering the Season ticket numbers this year were higher by how much than last years? Anybody know exactly. I’d expect whatever that difference is.

I was going to go to the game on Friday but I actually ended up having to go to the hospital.

[edit] i’m lookin for the difference in Season tickets numbers compared to last year.

some of my thinking is this

there is a certain average number of walk ups per game. I think maybe that some people who would only pick one game to go to in the summer and who would have picked a later game, might have went to last game for Ackles. Thus increasing last game, at the expense of the next couple.

hi there with this sunshine happing all week i still think if the lions even get 32,000, they nned to do something to bring more people into the dome because the dome is not going to do it, until that happends no matter if they are winning or not people do not want to sit in that hot box.

but the bright futre of this francize is the opening of the new roof, hopefully in the summer of 2010

and all the improvments inside bc place (bob ackles feild)is going to have a new look a new attitude, and a new fresh state of the art roof. then you are going to see the lions flurish as a francise averging over 40,000 a game i bet you if the lions stay competative that they will sellout about 2-3 games in 2010, so we have to be patient this is the way it is going to be until the new roof comes.

I doubt a new roof and other improvements will draw another 25,000 per game. It might draw 10k extra until the novelty wears off and then who knows.

I wish it would happen. It would be great for the Lions and the league to see a regular game sell out, but I won't hold my breath.

oh yes it will, people said that when empire stadium was on its last legs, i bet you if bc place had its roof off on friday it would have been sold fact all the sports buiness experts are saying that that is going to be the place to be in the summer, have you ever sat outside infront of 60,000 people eating a hotdog having a beer ( which i bet you that opening night is a sellout no perblem and that will carry into other nights), i have it is unbelevable, infaxct they did a poll question, and 90 percent of people in this city said they would go to mre lions games once the roof is off and the improvments are done.

I've had seasons tickets for 33 years, which I took over from my grandparents who had them since 54'. I've seen the ebb and flow of the fans first hand so it's not like I'm just speculating here.

I was in empire, and I got to pick my seats in BC Place when the place was half built, before the roof was even made. I'm one of not too many people besides the builders that have been in BC Place with no roof on it.

The move to BC Place didn't fill the stands. The first few games reached close to 50k, and averaged 45k that year, but have never sold out a regular season game if my memory is correct.

I'm sure more people will come, but not 25-30k more which is what we would need to sell the place out.

That is all i am saying they will jump from 23,000 season tickets to 30,000 season tickets
exspecally if they are a first place team they will average 45,000 per game and maybe sell out a couple of times a year for the big games like western finals first place showdowns exspecally in the hot summer nights, and also if the satdium opens up in the middle of summer 2010 when it is schedualed to , that fist game beleve me will be sold out.

just heard on ckne that the lions are expecting there lowest crowed of the year on friday that is what there are estimating, what does every body else think.

Cant help but wonder, if all games were to be sold out for yrs in a row, what then you would talk about??? :stuck_out_tongue: :twisted: :wink:

some people on here are so sarcastic.

I hope for a BIG crowd and a BIG win for my 24th birthday on Friday! I'll be there to support the LIONS!