Official apology to Bo Smith

I know he probably actually won't read this, but a promise is a promise
I had promised to do this if I saw a better Bo Smith after 2-3 games, and I think it says something about him that i'm doing it after only 1.I have probably been Bo's biggest criticizer on this board and countless times have demanded his release.I am happy to say that tonight and last week even I ate major crow and I couldn't be happier.It seems our secondary is coming together and that Bo has not only become worthy of staying on this team, but being a factor on our D as a starting half-back.Bo, I apologize and hope to see more of the same from you in the future.Job well done.

Tom AKA 15_championships

Bo, I apologize for not giving you a 10.

Yours sincerely,

Nadia Comaneci

:D :D :D

Maybe I also owe Smith an apology, as I have criticized him much in the past. But it sure has looked like he has improved. Was it not said that Marcel said he's the best we have at coverage now?

And now maybe we can see why Dennis was released. Speaking of Dennis, he said he was going to tell his new team all about our D. Did he forget to mention how good Smith now is?

But now, I hope to see Thomas get an apology thread next. I hope to see him improve.

Me too… I have maybe talked a bit ill about Bo… I take it back… he has been great!!

To be fair, Smith has improved in making the sure tackle from the first stint with the Cats. The tackling tonight was crisper, although the DBs did seem to lose the ball quite often. I understand that this change in coverage emphasis means that it is a work in progress. However, playing man coverage demands good ball skills to break up passes and make picks whenever possible. We need our guys to make those kinds of plays consistently to become a legitimate contender at playoff time. Bo needs to continue to work on this.

Oski Wee Wee,


Good on you, much respect. :thup:

I became a fan of his last year…but even I’m shocked that he’s playing this well when he’s just 8 months removed from a torn ACL.

It's rare that anyone on here admits they were wrong, so you just gained a ton of respect from me for doing just that. :thup:

And don't beat yourself up too much. I hated on Bo for the entire 2009 season and ate my own crow last year when I saw an improved Bo Smith (I know you don't agree, but that's neither here nor there). Tonight he was great. I hope he keeps it up.

Good to see Bo Smith get some positive vibes from the fans for a change, I hope we feel the same about the DBacks after the Als game.


Good.reads here. :thup: And I just tbought all Ticat fans were full of themselves all the time. 8)

Full credit to you for doing this. I actually thought about you as I watched how well Bo played and wondered about what some of the people on this site would say about Bo. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd see this thread. I have always been a Bo fan and always knew what potential he had so I'm glad to see him come into his own and get some recognition for it here. It's not always easy to admit you are wrong (I'm making an educated guess here since i've never had to do it myself :stuck_out_tongue: ) but it's nice to see that you were kept your word.

PS. Clearly Dennis didn't tell them enough about Williams. :lol:

Random shout-out to Bo Smith from Matthew Cauz, who apparently is the "Weekend Host for 'GAME DAY' on TSN 1050 Radio".

I am not pushing forward an agenda that would eliminate hard hits or the physicality that makes football such a thrill. I love watching a defence manhandle the opposing team, and many of the league’s most fascinating players come from that side of the ball.

My favourite player right now is Bo Smith, Willie Pile is one of the best guests I have on my radio show, I wish that Juwan Simpson was healthy and next to Fred Stamps, Odell Willis may be the best player in the league.

From the same article, Cauz also seems to think that Minnesota is a city rather than a state, but I can forgive him for that.

I'm not impressed with Thomas at this time. I think they should trade Mann for a good starting DB and let thomas go.

The guy who handles the power rankings for said that Smith might just be his fav. player in the CFL.

At least he knows how to pick players... his team picking for ranking is something atrocious

True words


Someone said Bo Smith gets burnt like long forgotten toast. Who was that? Can’t quite remember. Zontar or Ockham I think. One of you owes an apology. Pay up. 15championships did.