Official 2007 Ticats CFL Draft Party Thread..

Post your Draft Day thoughts here wednesday.


I will be watching the simulcast with keen interest. I hope that Crawford is drafted at safety in the first round with one of the two Ticat picks, but we shall see!

Oski Wee Wee,

I agree Russ he be a great Pickup..
Looking Forward to the draft today

we can hold this party in a phone booth! lol. i ll be watching too. should be a good day for the cats.

I’m so starved for something to happen in this upcoming CFL season that I will be logging in just before 1pm to see how this will unfold.

Why can’t they hold the draft on a Saturday and us off-season maligned fans could congregate at an internet pub to watch on-line?

Just a thought.

I wounder if Servers can handle the Traffic

what is the link for the webcast please ?

I think this is it:

And to view click on the CFL Draft Logo

PS. It starts at 1 according to the website, I think KP said it started at 11 in his article

There using Windows Media Player…
so firefox and Other Browser Users
may have Use IE 7 or 6 to access it the live Draft.
I know I did to run the bandwith Test.

40 Mins to go Tic Toc Tic Toc

27 Mins and Counting

6 Mins. and Counting

According to CHML's website, the 'Cats will select University of Regina receiver - Chris Bauman as the first overall pick.

Stay tuned .... I'm betting they're right.

good move getting j.p with #4 i guessed a wr with #1 and a risky but solid pick bek at 4

now who get with #12? maybe a db hopefully crawford still there for us

bauman a big target at 6"5 fills a need for sure

Marcel did his homework and knew what the other teams wanted before the 4th pick. Im thinking Calgary wanted Bauman.

hopefully the best canadian receiver we've had since andrew grigg