Official 2007 Grey Cup Thread

Somebody had to start it off. Let's go!

I got $20 that says another half dozen or so of these are created over the next week. :lol:

Okay we made it guys! There's some items of business to look after first. So my congratulations to the Bombers on a great team effort and to Haywood and Hebert in particular for playing the game of their lives. Next Mr. Bean, swat balls that are swatable, catch balls that are catchable, don't swat those please, other than that you played the game of your life too.

Next we all should use every search engine possible and look up 'Ryan Dinwiddie', after all we may be asked how much we know about this team, so be prepared.

And finally for now we need to know the status of Bolden's injury. We can ill afford being without his services, hang in there buddy!

I expect about thirty. By chance you are not Mr. Eiben are you? (Just kiddin')

BTW, who's the Bombers current third string QB? I also guess they have to airlift someone in to be the new 3rd string since Glenn can't possibly dress next week.

Cliff Kingsbury

Well said BigBrew. Haywood (straight out of Compton) and Mr. Bean in particular, they were absolutely amazing. I always thought Bean was one of the weaker in our secondary, but last night he was phenomenal - and he was given it up for us Bomber fans in the crowd, always appreciated.

Great to have Roberts involved the way he was. Props to Stokes too, really improving our STs and way to stick it to his former club. The receivers found their hands and Glenn/Dinwiddie played great.

O-line solid as usual, and the D-line was pressuring Bishop all night, maybe not gettin contact but always had a presents. I'm also pretty happy for Troy, punting in particular, really pinned them deep and I loved those rouges, keep'em comin!

Go Bombers!

Hey thanks 'jaws'. Other than Glenn's injury, looks like the roster will be intact, including Bolden.

Been doing some research on Dinwiddie; did you know he has a tattoo?

Go to the Dinwiddie thread, there's some great stories about him there.

11 point underdogs heading into this one. Given the amount of GC experience on our team, including Berry, I find that spread quite shocking. But, hey all that matters is what the score board reads at the final whistle right.

Also, I get the feeling the Riders are just happy to have made it this far in the first year under the new regime, whereas this has been the Bombers goal from day one this year.

,this game is going to be won by the team ‘who wants it more’…a cliche’ i know…BUT…both of these teams have been ‘out in the wilderness’ for so long as far as the Cup goes…with the result, both can smell it…it just depends on the overall ‘will to win’… the team that gets to finally drink out of the mug, sure is gonna quench a long-time thirst GoBigBlue…

I hope the Bombers are posting this stuff on their locker room wall. According to Rider nation, this game is already over!! I hope our D just demolishes them this coming Sunday with this stupid arrogance! :wink:

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Don't worry too much about the article as you need to remember several things. First, the Riders have the best fans. Haven't they told you that? They are a dynasty in that regard. Secondly, they are also the most knowledgeable. People, of which fans are a part of, obtain knowledge through observation, listening, and reading. When one reads this type of material, or listens to it if it is necessary to have it read to them by a third party, it is not surprising that us, as Bomber fans, to just accept mediocrity. That's just the nature of the way things are. That is OUR dynasty, mediocrity.

Just wait until the Power Rankings come out. Last week Saskatchewan was third and we were fifth. Saskatchewan probably will move up a notch or two. With the loss of Glenn we will probably drop to sixth, or even seventh! See how everything makes sense now!

I live in Saskatchewan, reading materials of this type abound. It just goes with the territory, i.e. of living in the middle of nowhere.