Office Linebacker videos

I think these are very funny. But maybe it is because all of these folks are actual hard working Ticats staff. Or maybe it's the glass of wine. What do you think?

episode 2:

or episode one:

Love 'em! Lots of fun to watch!

Did any one else see the CFL dubbed on YouTube?

Sorry. I can't hear them at the stadium. (For 2 games the speakers in front of our section at the NE corner of the stad ium haven't been working.) Now I have a link. Thanks.

here is the dubbed video, from the Argos no less!

[url=] ... Tamz363ouA[/url]

great vids Bob.

Eiben is the Chuck Norris of the TiCats Front Office.
Failed sales quotas are dealt with by spearing, clipping, and an iron-handed clothesline to the windpipe.

then comes the punishment.....


Enjoyed the videos Caretaker. Nice to see some humour at the office, I think a lot of offices could use that actually. :thup:

Hey that's great stuff!! Funnier than any Canadian comedy show I've seen in years.

Love these videos. Thanks Caretaker. :thup: