officals graded ??

I'll say this... I'm getting pretty sick of returns being called back. One of the advantages the CFL is supposed to have over other leagues is its return game, but you wouldn't know it with how many returns get called back for no-yards, holding, illegal block in the back, etc.

Can't blame the rules on that last call back - it was a really blatant hold - the kind where the guilty party runs and hides as he knows a coach has a clipboard and is looking to smack him lol

Oh, I'm not just talking about that return. We've had about, what, half a dozen returns negated because of penalties? It gets a little irritating after a while.

Yes the returns are definitely suffering from flag mania Chief, just finished watching Argos/Bombers - another
flag fest.. Same crew that messed up the Als/BC game a few weeks ago.. I realize the obvious fouls need to be
called but think the guys on the Oline should be allowed the odd flinch or two without getting nailed for 5 yards..
Its more the judgement type calls, pass interference being a good example.. There was actually a non call on
fairly flagrant foul against a bomber receiver down near the end zone that just basically got run over by an Argo
defender.. I know I've seen much more innocent interference calls made..
I hope all of the personal attacks have finished.

Does anybody know what exactly was wrong with the formation during the Fantuz touchdown that was called back?

O'Day seemed REALLY upset by the call. And those 4 points could have made a big difference in the game. They may still have implications in the standings during a tie-breaker.

BS penalties like that should be challengeable. The replay booth should be involved in the officials huddle and be able to page down the correct call ( too many men, offside, illegal formation, procedure, illegal forward pass, etc ).

The guys on the panel explained it later. It had to do with ineligible numbers. The Riders had a couple of players whose number made them ineligible to play certain position so they were supposed to report to the referee to make themselves eligible but they didn't so it resulted in an illegal formation.

Those panel guys were wrong! Sometimes I wonder if they are even watching the same games as the rest of us. Those players who supposedly had the wrong number on actually had an eligible number on his back. They didn't have to report because thy had jerseys with a number in the 70s on the back, which makes them eligible. Post game I heard that the riders can be expecting an apology from the league on that one. The funny part was Ken Miller saying he didn't care about apologies(since this would make it 3 from the league this year alone, not to mention how many others to other teams), he just wanted the win! But you can't argue that the officiating this season has been horrible. Not only the refs on field, but this new command centre is also laying eggs left and right.

actually Markus Adams was on the line, his number is 51, if i remember corectly from my high school days i would have to report with that number on.

Again, most of what you guys are talking about isn't on the refs.

In the Argo/Bomber game, the penalties on returns were pretty obvious. The TD run that got called back was so flagrant that a blind monkey would have made the call. What part of "you're not allowed to block by hitting someone in the back" do players not understand?

O-Linemen twitching for procedure is in the rules, its been called consistently that way for as long as I can remember watching the CFL (which is only a few years, but still). It's not on the refs to change that, it's up to the people who write the rules.

There's no lack of stuff the refs actually get wrong, let's try not to blame them for stuff that isn't their fault.

The illegal formation rule states that one player at each end of the line must wear an eligible number and 50 - 69 are ineligible numbers so if Markus Adams was at the end and wearing 51 he would have been in ineligble.