officals graded ??

Warched mondays nights NFL game and it struck me that we see more flags/penalties in one quarter than were called in the entire game south of the border. I just think we have too many officals and they're all trying to justify their salary so we get flags on pretty much every 2nd or 3rd play..
Instead of the officals being 'invisible' on the field thety have become the main event overshadowing the game. I get annoyed seeing penalties called for roughing when one player barely touching another player, it is FOOTBALL after all not darts..

I hate the CFL officiating. I don't care if there is holding on every play or iffy PI calls, I don't want to see a F'N flag on every other play, it sucks the life right out of the game. Add in a couple guaranteed brutal calls and it just turns your stomach sometimes watching the CFL clowns dominating the game.

The officials just can't win. If they don't call a penalty someone is going to complain. If they do call a penalty someone else is going to complain.

So very true, being an official along the same lines of being a big old hoggy(O-Line), probably the hardest position in football, but never get the respect and credit deserved. Not very often do you hear a good comment about either an official or an O-line man, sometimes you hear someone comment an o-line as a whole, which is fine, but its not like being reciever where if you have a good game you are getting player of the week, or mentioned every second play. Just once I would like to see an o-linemen get offensive player of the game, cause remember without them it would just be touch football

I know there is a need for penalties, it's just that seems to be way too many.. Surely our CFL players are not that bad, a punt return without some sort of penalty being called is almost unheard of now..

Wah poor officials, no ones saying don't call obvious infractions that effect the play. Just don't call some ridiculous illegal contact on a receiver 50 yards from the play. You know the penalties we're talking about,the ones you see on replay and say WTF! are you kidding me. Too many lame ass calls being made is what sucks the life from a game.

I haven't watched many NFL games the last few years so I have nothing to compare with the CFL.
But it is very frustrating sometimes watching the flags fly. I think this past weekend in the Argo vs Lion game there was a series of plays with 4 straight penalties. I'm not sure we can pin the blame on any one party, referees or players, but it is the thing which I find most frustrating.

Partially the nature of some of our rules might mean we have to accept a few more penalties. No yards for instance. Also a pumped up 'D' line having to be a full yard off the ball sometimes draws penalties on short yardage plays and goal line stands. Yet another is the slotbacks running toward the line of scrimmage forcing the referees to have to make a judgment each and every play. Even considering these examples there is still plenty of room for improvement.

You guys should try being an Argo's fan. We lead the league in penalties. Now that's frustration.

You're kidding, right? Are you under the impression that the officials have some leeway with regard to flagging an infraction or ignoring it? THEY DON'T! That's what they do. They see an infraction, they flag it. If they don't, they get fired...why is that so hard for some of you guys to get?

Here's an idea....why don't you actually hold the players accountable...they're the ones breaking the rules! Early in the season (back to your NFL comment), the players make more mistakes then they will later in the year after they're in a better more flags, simple as that.

As for the "salary" the officials are making....most of the CFL guys lose money doing games having to take time off from work, not to mention the impact on family.....

This mentality is what got us the NHL in the clutch and grab era. We're better off with that gone, and hey, penalties have gone down!

If you want to see fewer flags, tell the players to stop breaking so many rules. The refs just call the rulebook, they're not there to selectively enforce rules to make sloppy players look good. It's really not that hard to line up 12 guys on offense, yet we see procedure and too many men calls pretty regularly. Should the refs just ignore the 13th guy in order to maintain the flow of the game?

Give me a break.

I'll post this again for you:

Wah poor officials, no ones saying don't call obvious infractions that effect the play. Just don't call some ridiculous illegal contact on a receiver 50 yards from the play. You know the penalties we're talking about,the ones you see on replay and say WTF! are you kidding me. Too many lame ass calls being made is what sucks the life from a game.

And PS: Are you actually that dense to think that any of us implying that the refs ignore a too many men on the field penalty. If you can't grasp the fact that what we are talking about is the calls being made on every seemingly little tug or incidental contact then there is no use continuing. Have you not noticed how many "late" flags are thrown only after a player starts freaking out for a penalty, or the crowd goes ape then comes a typical late CFL flag.

Sorry it went over your head.

Here's a better idea - how about if a receiver is 50 yards away from the play, the defender not bother contacting him illegally?

I know, following the rules is a radical and disturbing concept.

Read the rulebook sometime, it's in there. If you want the refs calling fewer penalties, either the players need to learn to stop breaking so many rules, or the rules should be changed. Blaming the refs for doing their job correctly is one of the dumbest things I've ever seen posted here.

LOL, again right over your head.

Bye Bye now.

A couple of years ago I calculated that the CFL averages approximately three-four more penalties per game than the NFL. So we're talking less than one extra penalty per quarter.

Anybody can figure this out by the way. The stats on penalties are readily available for both leagues.

How many more plays per quarter on average do you think the cfl plays? That stat could show that there's less penalties per play in the cfl than nfl and this whole thread would be disproven.

not calling penalties away from the play will lead to player injuries, as your not expecting a hit from behind when your fifty yards from the play.

Easy for it to go over your head though, right? Especially when it's stuck up your..........

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