Casey Printers will be signing with the Hamilton Tiger Cats. They will be holding a press conference tommorrow between 12:00pm-12:30 eastern standard time. This is from a very close source to Printers agent, i dont care if anyone believes me or not...fact is its happening; And get this, Geroy Simon would like to re-unite with Printers, and is supposably unhappy with Buono in Vancouver. If Simon decides to join the cats it would be in the off-season.


Winfield07 You wouldnt toy with us would you.

watch and see...

suit him up, get him on the practice field tommorow. Courier a play book to him tonight.

If this presser doesn't happen, I would settle for an in-route drill with Carly Simon between 12 and 12:30 ET, whether she likes Wally Buono or not...:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Nobody's done it better,

Why do trolls insist on getting my hopes up?

I'm attempting to do the MENTAL MATH here ...

early calculations SUGGEST that Timmy Chang will be released, Maas will make ONE or TWO more starts - while Casey learns the Playbook ... HOPEFULLY Maas can show he is still WORTH something so as to be TRADED back to Edmonton. (The Ticats will probably have to EAT a fairly HIGH %age of his contract to make the deal, perhaps for a DB/CB and a Draft pick). That will leave Ritchie, ALONE at #2 to learn from a Qb who is his senior doppelganger ...

WOW !! WOW!! WOW !! Casey Fr-Eakin Printers in the Black and Gold ... that is AWESOME !!!


dude id hate to see you if this wasnt true…

Mean, the other scenario is two games with a Chang-Williams tandem (could be messy indeed) to get more tape evidence of whether the lads can ball. I would not be adverse to Maas remaining on the roster for the remainder of the season, but there is a capology issue that would be alleviate by a trade as has been suggested. The optics of a Maas release also seem better if Casey signs here in keeping two young QBS who could develop as reserves here.

Oski Wee Wee,

Put Maas on the injury list and let him rehabilitate his injuries that has ailed him the past two years.

I think that his salary comes off the cap then.

hey oski ... CAN'T disagree with your scenario ... I admit, my calculations may have a SLIGHT BIAS built in AGAINST Timmy Chang ... as I said - these are just the "early calcs" ... whatever the SCENARIO turns out to be I think EVERYONE knows we can't have a $300 000 backup.


Agreed. The reworking of his contract to fit the new math as a fulltime backup halves that at the very most -- and with his recent record and injury speculation -- that is a tough sell, I would think.

We shall see.

Oski Wee Wee,

According to CKNW in Vancouver...Printers is up here in Canada this afternoon (Wed) at an undisclosed (this is gettin' heavy!) location.
So I guess he is in Toronto...would YOU admit you were in Toronto?
If he has signed already it must be a whopping contract. Up go the stadium beer prices.

No way [b]he[/b] comes to this circus. Front office, Fans and players combined we are a joke from top to bottom.
Why don't you tell US how you REALLY feel, crash.


P.S when referencing "FANS" ... speak for YOURSELF.

I found this on Sports Net
Free-agent quarterback Casey Printers is expected to sign a contract within 24 hours that will make him the highest-paid player in the Canadian Football League.

It's believed he will sign with one of either Hamilton or B.C., both of which have issues at quarterback. Although one source suggested that Winnipeg should not be ruled out of the equation.

Printers is expected to meet with the coaching staff of the team he will sign with before making it official on Thursday.

I said that from the beginning, its my true feelings on the matter, from the way our fans treat our players to the way our front office has basically turned this franchise into a laughing stock... I have doubts, anyone that cant understand that is being naive.

He is Comming I know it

not saying it`s not true, but it to the people, explain in more detail and confirm the truth of your statement , I would be happy for the ticat fans they deserve Printers and Simon is belieable

another "STEELTIGER" :lol: