Offensive Questions

This is what I see:
unsettled QB position which dominates our thoughts

Beyond that obvious one I see:
-Totally unproven OC who did not really seem excited to be here. And is on a one year deal.
-almost a completely new receiving crew with age, injury history, lack of speed hindering. Two week TC will not be enough to get the timing down with this total revamping. Haven’t even seen Lewis hauling around his bulk. Stamps in and out of TC and this is a continuation of recent past injury troubles
-no dominate RB. Very pedestrian actually unless Whitaker is truly back to 3 year old form
-changes, shuffling on the o-line

This whole unit looks patch work to me actually.

Nobody looks like they are having any fun.

Obvious lack of leadership.

When you look at Higgins demeanor in the post game interview. The look is unmistakable. He knows his offense is in trouble.
His pre-game speach sounded like a something you would hear from a group home coordinator giving advice to a group of seniors before letting them off the bus on a shopping junket.

This team needs a Quarterback, it needs a leader.

He has no one but himself to blame. He's the head coach. His GM has given him a solid free-agent QB signing (LeFevour), a prospect (Bridge), and a dynamic young guy in Cato. We have the on-field talent. This is on Higgins and Schonert to work out. If they can't, well, that'll be the end of their respective CFL coaching careers.

Pierre Vercheval supposedly said the Als have not run the ball well between the tackles.

They did not but they had a raw rookie on the oline and I think Toronto's front four is very, very good.

That doesn't worry me too much. We had substitutions on the line and we've never been particularly effective between the tackles. With the speed of our backs, we should be bouncing plays to the outside with pulling guards/tackles.

I think it is fools gold to think the talent level brought in is great. Some are getting fooled by name recognition.

and imo, if you can't run between the tackles you cannot run.

They really didn't spend any real time trying to run between tackles. Jury is out.

I think a lot of the guys brought in looked good. In particular Hoffman, Coleman, Irving, Coady, Ruby. I'm much more encouraged to see Lewis than Ochocinco as a fifth receiver.

I think patch work is a bit harsh.

QB: Agreed. There are important concerns and questions to be asked at QB.

WR: Agreed, some concerns albeit minor at this point.

Schonert: I disagree at this point. It is too early to criticize him. Game planning and creative playcalling are not a priority in the preseason.

Running game and offensive line: I disagree, it is too premature. It's very difficult to judge an offensive line in the preseason as the flux of players and constant changes in position make it impossible to gain any sort of chemistry along the line. I apologize to Pierce Burton and James Bodanis but there is simply an undeniable gulf of talent between the projected starters and them, the replacements (other than Jacob Ruby who has looked very good).

I'm not criticising Shonert just stating what I believe are facts causing concerns. He is unproven at this stage. He may become the next dave dickenson
And in my opinion it is a concern that the O-line has been revamped. I think there is an assumption that Als have the same O-line as 5 years ago. they may be good but this crew is in transition.
I saw no dominant RB last year and see none now.

And giving it some more thought re Cato.
He is really intriguing. But things just feel really messy here right now. No doubt it will settle down in a month or so.

I would wait on him for that to happen. There is going to be some unhappy players here for a bit and I would not throw a rookie into that right away. I mean when Whitaker, SJ Green, Stamps and Lewis start to pout a 22 year old should just stand back. For awhile anyway.

Fair enough RE Schonert. I don't see the o-line as being revamped with 4/5 of the o-line returning and Blake looking good so far. I think they are the strength of the offense with three all-stars. RE Cato, I just want him to be on the 46. Once that happens, things will play out and he is bound to show how good he is. My guess is they won't be able to keep him on the bench for long but we shall see.


Here is what I saw:

-Crompton could not hit the broad side of a barn last night. He's lucky he was only intercepted twice. Pathetic performance, bring on ----------- (fill in the blanks)
-Another Sean Whyte kick off was being taken to the house, because it has no hang time, until a penalty saved our bu££s.
-Higgins made 2 good challenges. Let's hear it for headsets.
-Joelle the cheerleader captain has retired, after many years of excellent service.

  • Als have a new 6a7 featuring $6 beers. Half price compared to the Bell center.


When I look at the areas of concern for me that I see coming into the year I think the Als offense needs time to develop this year.
It will take time for Schonert to settle in, time for these new receivers to learn a new system after years in another location , the o-line is re-tuning. A running back to emerge. And finally a QB to grow who ever that will be.

This offense is really almost brand new. Two weeks old. I think we rushed past the starting pole with early expectations.


I for one do not expect to hear the same excuse of "shaking off the rust" by the QB after the second pre season game.
First game maybe. TC and a game into, he should be able to hit his receivers a little better by this point.

Pretty hard to dominate when you rarely run the ball. And when you do, you abandon it after one play fails.

From what I saw, Sutton did farely well.

Oh I really dig Sutton as a runner. The guy is a horse with the ball. Have not seen much of the rest of his game. Anyone have a scouting report on his catching and blocking?

Don't have a scouting report but he's good in both those roles. He carried a lot of the load last year when Whitaker was injured and impressed in all three RB phases (running, blocking, receiving).

Sadly, receiving was a somewhat of a challenge for RBs as neither Smith nor Crompton made (were able to make) proper use of them on anything but screen passes until they passed the line of scrimmage. But Sutton did look solid in that role when called upon.

BTW - for what it is worth - I Googled Sutton for NFL draft scouting reports and found these:

"... Sutton may have the best hands of any running back in this entire draft class ..."

"... At end of 2008 season, led all active running backs nationally in career receiving yards per game (31.1) and career receptions per game (3.7) ... In his rookie season (2005), exploded on the national scene, raking in numerous postseason honors ... A shifty running back with outstanding vision and instincts ... An excellent receiver out of the backfield ... Solid pass blocker ... Extremely strong runner ... Among all college running backs, tabbed the "best receiver" by Scouts, Inc. (Todd McShay of ... Finished his career as NU's second all-time leading rusher with 3,886 yards ... Second in all-purpose yardage (5,138 yards) ... Finished one touchdown shy of Damien Anderson's school record for touchdowns scored with 37 ... Fourth in career rushing touchdowns at NU (31) ... Ranked 18th in NU history with 1,244 receiving yards ... Totaled 16 career 100-yard rushing games ... Averaged 97.2 rushing yards per career game and 5.3 yards per career carry."