Offensive plays-Paopao

I believe that this is the main reason for our 0-4 start. I dont believe Marshall was the coach that should have been given the pink slip, but I believe Paopao should have. Just liek last year when ottawa was outcoached every 2nd half, its the same story this yr with the offence and its a coincidence PaoPao is at the helm. I have tons of respect for him but if he doesnt turn this offence around hell b the next one run out of town. I believe it is a combination of players performance and coaching, but the calls so far this year have been brutal. 2nd and long and we do that stupid screen pass 2 the RB or across the field for 4-5 yars..whats the point. Were trying 2 run when we know we cant run it, and do we not have ne plays that go UP THE MIDDLE?! im sorry but this offence is boring our BREBEUF offence had more imagination than this one, we got the recievers than use them dont send Peterson dep, send a reliabale receiever liek CAVIL VAUGHN OR FLCIK down field, put imagination into this playbnook cuz it looks liek the same "15%" of the plays we used in the exhibition. Give me ur thots on the play calls and wut ud like 2 see more in this offence :?

i like the direct snap to Ranek that they used in Ottawa

We can sit here all day pointing fingers, but the fact still remains we are 0-4.

nasty plays

The option pass between Kerry Joseph and Josh Ranek worked to perfection in Ottawa but it appears that Maas just can't do it.
Also the screen pass to Ranek used to work good in Ottawa.
The "dump pass" that Maas is using this year is not working the timing and accuracy is off.

Ottawa had a running qaurterback in Joeseph, we have Maas. The plays Poapoa is calling works well whe your qb is a threat to run. When he is not you get 1 or 2 yards.....

However, our offense stunk last year as well with a different OC. So interesting to see in the next few weeks if it is Poapoa or Marshall at fault...

I'm sure glad we have Jason who rolls out to pass ,not Joseph who rolls out to pass and then runs more often than not.

Jason needs a big reciever like Tony Miles;Jason Tucker ;Thurmon;Stiegal;Geroy Simon and a couple more BC recievers.

Flick, Vaughn, Holmes, Yeast...

Flick...ahhhh OK

Yeast ,no way,ball in the hands isn't a ball caught with Craig.

Holmes is a running back ,returner ,don't consider him a big reciever.

Vaughn is OK,esp.YAC ,but not a "big" reciever like Jason Tucker ;Simon; Thurman;Miles etc

Flick, Vaughn, Yeast all over 1000 yard receivers last year. Guess that is forgotten soon enough tho' right beamreach?
As soon as the ball starts getting to the receivers in stride then and only then will the passing game be effective.

I hate to start rumours but I've heard that there could be a block buster trade -
Kerry Joseph under achieving in Saskatchewan and Maas under achieving in Hamilton.

Ticats offense under Joe Paopao more suited to Joseph's style and he would be reunited with Josh Ranek.
Saskatchewans offense is suited to Maas's style.
This rumour makes sense!!

CapitalTD, SteelTiger, is that you?

IMO, Joe Paopao was not allowed to utilize his compliment of offensive plays and strategy to his liking but rather was directed by a "Marshall plan". Remember, Marshall was a running back and, from what I heard, wanted to direct everything his way.

Lord please don't send Joseph to us in Ti-Cat land !!!!

Beam me out if that happens.

Mikem ....source?

Lets stick with Maas and Eakin, an excellent duo. And look at Glenn in the Peg this year, time we stick with someone here for a while that looks promising and isn’t 40 years of age +.

Coach Lancaster is known to nuke players who don't want to be here ,as he stated himself and rightly so.

Hope Jason isn't unhappy and nuked to the prairies,they win ,we lose. :cowboy:

Somebody or two will be nuked in the next weeks though.

I don't think anyone will be nuked for just nuking sakes. But yes, if they don't perform and put the effort into it as Ron Lancaster sees they are capable of, they will be nuked.

Nuke 'em all, and let Ronnie sort 'em out!


(SERIOUSLY joking here)

I agree that part of the slow start could be blamed on Poo POO.

That stupid swing or hitch pass was used in Ottawa quite often too. It is ineffective when used every third play. A little too predictable.

Aside from stating this I feel the defense has to shoulder some of the blame. Ti-Cat ball was built on defense.

It's hard to replace the likes of Joe Monfort, Mitchell Price, Walker, Covington, all big shoes to fill. Question is, who's gonna remember that style of ball and step up to the task and lead our defense? Are you ready Hitchcock? You played with those guys.

Lets send Paopao to Sask as Barrett is pretty much finished there it seems.