Offensive Player Of The Year

I vote that Jon Ryan is the offensive player of the year for the BB after that terrible showing in BC

I secong that

I know you re joking, Stegall leading the league in TD, Roberts in rushing.......if it wasnt for these two guys we would be 0 - 17 this year......Jim Daily is a special teams coach, not a head coach, we need to get rid of him and bring somebody in who knows what they are doing, Daily has no clue.

can u actually believe that Daley thought the BB's were actually better now than in training camp (his own words in an interview during the game)!!! maybe a few better receivers, but that's it! wot a goof - has anyone in the BB organization got a clue anymore! last night was a joke and we need CHANGE now!!! the Daley experiment is over. i think the "legends" had the most to do with BB's win over BC in the 'peg - at least they motivated the players despite the coaching!!!

....... and wot's with not getting Stegall involved 2 games in a row??? :shock: ya, he might've been double covered most of the time after his explosive game a few weeks ago, but good teams get their good players involved, especially wen they have so few!!!

i'm left shaking my head and was totally embarrassed for the team last night. the last time i was this embarrassed, our buddy Reinbold was the coach!!! i'm not in the 'peg, but wot the hell is Bauer & Taman saying and doing 'bout all this?????

......... furthermore, as much as i love Stegall as a player, i wouldn't blame him for retiring after last night's debacle!!!

OK ryan good but last time i checked he is a specialties player, doesn;t really work that well. It is Stegall of roberts.

Yeah, now I think about it, Roberts is the leader in Rusing and Stegall is fantasic. Though desision!