Offensive player of the week

I checked all the stats, and objectively as possible figure there are 2 in the running for offensive player of the week.

Michael Bishop
Romby Bryant

If it`s a QB it has to be Bishop, he had the most yards and nobody passed him in tds. Bryant had 211 yards receiving so he is a possibility. I think that it will go to Bishop!

Jovon Johnson will pick up the award for his spectacular punt return, I guess that will be special teams player of the week

Romby Brant wins it, with Burris as the runner up. Personally I think its bias on the part of the judges, Bishop simply is not liked by so many of the pundits, reporters and broadcasters. Its personal I believe! There was 2 other times this year when he should have atleast been considered.

Burris was only 22-31 for 346 yards and 1 td

If not Bishop then at least Edwards or Ryan should have been considered. Ryan had some really nice grabs in addition to that great TD and Edwards was… well, Edwards! 8)

Romby dominated that game, really can't argue. It was just one of those weeks where there was a lot of great Offensive performances to choose from. Plus, who cares ? The only award that matters, is winning the Grey Cup !

Offensive POW- Romby Bryant CGY
Defensive POW- Justin Hickman HAM
ST POW- Jovon Johnson WPG
Canadian POW- Rob Bagg SSK

it may be late in the year but johnson is sure making a push for special teams player of the year

Who did Calgary beat? Who did Winnipeg beat? Sorry I just think its personal, they just do not want to give it to Bishop no matter what he does.

3 weeks ago when Bowman got it (well deserved) why was not Bishop runner up? Glen gets it for throwing 500 yards in a loss.

I think it`s a conspiracy!!!

LOL...dude, you don't need to apologise for rootin' for your favorite's part of being a fan. I think had Bishop played the whole game, then maybe....

Happy for Romby though...guess he's found what he was looking for.

no conspiracy here. for a wr to put up 200 yards and have the impact he did... it was big... bish was good il give him that, but 17 of 33 isnt exactly a sparkling performace... if he stays in there in the fourth and got a few more completions and yards he prob would have been considered but as it stands romby deserved the award.

Actually I concede that Romby had a shot at it, I was more upset that Bishop was not the runner up. If they used that same reasoning, Bishop should have been the runner up to Bowman 3 weeks ago.

Oh, and thanks Kubie :slight_smile:

Bishop was averaging 24 yards a completion.. nobody's going to complete 80% of their passes in that case.. sure, there were a lot of yards after catch.. but it's not like Bishop was throwing high percentage passes all day long.

A conspiracy, no.. players get snubbed all the time and it has nothing to do with the fact that he's Bishop.. and Bryant maybe deserved the award over him, but there's no possible way that Burris did.