Offensive Player of the week week 14

Offensive Player of the week ( Week 14 )

Which player do you feel will pad their stats the most this week against our beloved Ticats ?


You guys have owned us at Ivor Wynne the past few years.
It's a short week for us.
We're missing Whitaker, Bratton, Perrett (starting right OT), Jenkins (best DT), and Williams (starting field corner).
Burris is an Als killer.

I expect an Als loss, and possibly a lopsided one.

well we really dont know who will show up this week................crap defence and inconsistent offence or the team that beat on the Esks 2 weeks ago

The team that beat on the Esks 2 weeks ago is an animal that's rarely seen in the wild.

Our Cats have made super stars out of some very average players. The CFL thanks you. :oops: :frowning:

True, we don't know which team will show up. What we do know, however, is that Hamilton usually plays its best against Montreal at Ivor Wynne, no matter what's happening in a given season. Add the other factors I mentioned and I'd say everything adds up to a win for the Cats this week. As an Als fan, I hope I'm wrong, but Ivor Wynne hasn't been kind to my team in recent years.

This is a funny thread all right. The Week 13 Offensive POW was......Chad Simpson of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. And werent the previous 5 Offence POW's from teams that played the TiCats?

Oh yeah, my prediction for week 14: Anthony Calvillo


Or could it be Burris?


Montreal’s Trent Guy got special teams POTW. I barely noticed him during the game. I guess we’re spoiled with our return guy actually scoring TDs.

At some point they may have to recognize Luca Congi, with his 20+ consecutive field goals. When McCallum had his big run last year, people were falling all over themselves to praise him. All Congi did in September was go 15-for-15, with a 40+ yard kick in 4 of his 5 games. If that’s not worthy of special teams player of the month, in a month where no returner really dominated, then they need to rename the award “returner of the month”.

What Congi has done this season has been criminally underappreciated. We all wanted Medlock to stay and many groused when Congi was signed and then won the kicking battle over Josh Maveety. Complaints about leg strength and kickoff distance were constant. All he's done is have one of the best seasons (so far) that a Tiger-Cat kicker has ever had. In any other year (like last year), he'd be in the conversation for special teams player of the year, but with Chris Williams doing his thing, he won't even get consideration. He should be the player of the month for September. I hope he is because he deserves some type of recognition for the great season he's had.

Great Post! Congi should get more recognition and shoudl win the special teams POM for September, he would have to have had a perfect season to get any of the share of "special teams POY" prize money from Chris Williams.....

Congi has been good possibly great on field goals this season, but he has been horrid on kickoffs. His kickoffs are killing us this year so that needs a ton of work before id give him a ton of praise.

Possibly great? I'd go with awesome...

The Special Teams Player of the Month award is staying in Hamilton. After Chris Williams ran his way towards the award in August, kicker Luca Congi receives the honour for September.

Congi enjoyed a perfect month, connecting on all 15 of his field goal attempts, while nailing all 14 of his extra points, contributing 59 total points to the Ticats offence in the process.

In all, Congi has been successful on his last 21 field goal attempts, giving him the seventh longest streak in CFL history. Eight of the 29-year-old's 21 field goals during that stretch have been from at least 40 yards out.