Offensive Player of the Week poll

Fantuz is a shoe-in for Canadian Player of the Week (and is making a good run for the year) but how much does the fact that Saskatchewan had success against a last place team while Calgary defeated a first place team play into this?

Statistically, Burris and Joseph had very similar passing yards. Joseph did have some rushing yards. It's going to be a tough call this week.

It shouldn't be a tough call at all.
While Burris and Joseph both had nice days for a QB, Andy Fantuz had a career day for a receiver.
It was the 3rd highest total ever for a Rider receiver and the single best performance by a receiver in the entire league this year.
Plus he made big plays, key plays, and scored 3 TDs.
If he doesn't win player of the week, then we should change it to QB of the week and admit that is the case.

I concur!

I voted for Andy but I know 100% that Burris will get it and Andy will be the runner up.

It will be interesting do you give it to Andy for the great game. Or do you give to Burris for coming back from the seperated shoulder.

Burris and Joseph were very comparible stats. I think, they will settle Burris for offense and Jospeh and Fantuz runners up. Fantuz for Canadian.

I could be amazed if Andy doesnt

Statistically Fantuz had the best game of any receiver so far this year in the CFL so I would say he's deserving of the award.

Through the first 15 weeks the outstanding player has gone to a quarterback 8 times, a running back 4 times and a receiver 3 times. KJ leads the way with 3 nods so far and after this week Fantuz will have had the most nods as Canadian Player of the week at 3.

It wouldn't surprise me if Burris got it, but I also would not agree with it.

Remember when Rob Cote got CPOW early in the season with 1 rush for a TD? That gives me the impressions that a "feel good story" can also have a very good shot at winning, and Burris did have a feel good story AND some quality stats to go along with it.

Well the verdict is in - Burris is the unanimous selection. Unfortunate timing for Fantuz I guess, though he was, to nobody's surprise, the unanimous selection as Canadian Player of the Week.

Fantuz's stats were as good as some NFL QB's for a game lol.

The only major problem was that Burris was a unanimous selection. The fact that Fantuz didn't get one single vote towards POW is beyond comprehension.

Wow! We sure hit that nail right on the thumb.

Absolutely right!! Twice in one week the league shafts the explanation and now this joke haha get real. Burris had a great game, don't get me wrong but to be unanimous is garbage.

Burris also got Offensive player of the Month without even being active for two of the Four weeks!

Either Burris is the greatest CFL QB EVER!!!


The CFL Head office has got a Hard on for him .

Not true, he got Offensive player of the month for September and he only missed the 2 October games.

I vote for the refs over the rider/hamilton game. They were very offensive. And the cfl office too for wearing blinders when they reviewed the tapes. Blind leading the blind.