Offensive play calling and the absence of the slant pass

I see the offense using sideline passes on 2 down as opposed to a quick slant. In fact, I don’t the slant pass is part of JJ’s Offense. It has always struck me as a better option to make a 4 yard pass to a receiver on 2 and 5 who can then fall forward for the first down rather than a 20+ yard pass to the sideline.


It could have something to do with a somewhat short QB having to throw over the line to even shorter receivers.

I’d say you both make good points. That 20 yard, or more, sideline pass is just a pick, or a pick six waiting to happen. The quick slant over the middle with short QBs and receivers often becomes a rainbow arch, subject to knock downs or deflections at the line.

Ottawa shows how the slant can work with Harris to Sinopoli or Ellingson. But all three have the advantage of height over our trioka of Mazoli, Tasker, and Banks.

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Every 2018 throw for #Ticats QB Jeremiah Masoli #CFL

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Every 2018 target for #Ticats REC @SpeedyBanks87 #CFL

Masoli was 24/25 when targeting Banks to his throwing arm side under 15 yards in the air.

So, if I’m seeing these charts correctly, the longer the pass, the fewer completions? And actually Mazoli has thrown a high number of short passes to Banks, with good success.

It is the across the body throws to the sidelines that have caused problems, however, most have resulted in incompletions as opposed to interceptions.


Unfortunately, many of those 24 completions were hitch screens, and we all know how successful those have been this year.

When do you throw a slant pattern. I would call for a slant route to the boundary side of the field with three receivers trips to the field. Add play action to the filed and the WILL linebacker will in all likelihood bite on the fake. If the boundary halfback is in fairly tight this shows a hold defensive technique and he will have the flats. The corner back has outside shade and off the receiver he will have the deep third. The X receiver will have a clear path to a slant route after the W receiver runs the halfback off. The play action and trips to the filed is merely window dressing. Fairly simple concept not 100% sure why Jones refuses to use the slant.

Cool graphics from Ferguson. But it’s hard to reach conclusions without context, e.g. how do Ticats’ tendencies differ from other teams. Do we pass deep more often? Sidelines more often? Probably, but the magnitude isn’t clear.

Also missing is the YAC. Which type of passes turned into big gains more than others? Not sure how you'd show that - bigger dots or different colour for big gains?

I don’t see slants as the missing link in this offence. My preference would be far fewer hitches, and many more screens.

It’s actually ridiculous that we never call a quick slant. Sinkfield would be deadly on that play.

I’ve thought the same, and with Masolis skill set it would be a great option for him to threaten with his feet as well. Right now everyone is just biting down on the first read and disrupting Masolis called play.

Face it. We need a Head Coach with more creativeity period.

??? Too confusing for this neophyte.