Offensive Lineman as Most Outstanding Player


I know this will never happen. I always felt Offensive Lineman never get the respect they deserve. Regardless if it's NFL or CFL. I would love to see an Offensive Lineman win a MVP in the NFL and or an MOP in the CFL.

Think about this. Let say in a 19 game CFL regular season schedule, you did not allow a sack and or allowed very few. You did not get hurt enough to miss any games, and played for every offensive snap. Forget the award for Best Offensive Lineman, lets give them an MOP also.

What do you think? Would there be a time when this happens? answer your question,

Their reward is the big bucks.

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some reward. Big bucks eat more

not to mention what they do to your furniture

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You're right - they are criminally underappreciated. But the thing is: Statistics rule the world, and right now we don't effectively record/measure an OL's impact on a game. This could change if advanced player tracking (little GPS/RFID units in jerseys) were introduced but it's a real long shot.

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I would give MOP to any O-lineman that makes it through the season without 1 holding penalty.

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That's a good one.


I agree that stats will always rule it.

Imagine if a LT who mainly is the blind side, (unless your a left handed Quarterback), was a big reason your team collectively ran for 3000 yards. No sacks allowed from your responsibility. You gave more time per capita than any other OL for your Quarterback to throw the ball etc.

I'd love to see it one year. It's going to take a lot of football writers on the CFL panel to think outside the box, and give them what they deserve. MOP for an OL.

Unless he is a giant from GOT I doubt any O lineman can be MOP .

A lineman is doing his job effectively you don't notice them .

There have been some defensive players who I have seen almost single handedly stop an offence at times .

MOP's for sure .

OJ Brigance CFL years . Ray Lewis NFL , Troy Polamalu NFL , James Parker CFL and recently Willie Jefferson CFL .

These guys were unstoppable and required a team effort to nullify there effectiveness .

Polamalu especially was like something from another world how much field he could cover and know where to go instinctively .

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I agree. But all I'm saying as defense gets a lot more glory than a O Line, it would be nice when you see like a Chris Van Zeyl, or a Matt O'Donnell make amazing blocks and plays also against superior defenders on a daily basis.
Furthermore, that it is more recognized and given far more credit than in the past.

Thus, I'd like to see one win a MOP.

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I don’t necessarily believe they are under-appreciated quite often they are some of the better paid in the CFL especially Canadian O linemen.

I went to a small High School, and we only had 19 players on our football team, so most of the linemen played “both ways.” High School teams didn’t score a lot, so most special teams play were punts, and we couldn’t block on returns then, so that was our chance to rest!

Generally speaking, on defence, the coach would acknowledge your good play by yelling things like “good hit”, “good tackle”, etc. On offence the running backs and QB got the praise regardless of how well you run blocked or pass protected. Usually, you got noticed for mistakes, poor technique, or penalties. “Holding” was common as it was called just for placing a hand on the defender, as legal blocks were done with only the forearm or shoulder. Running backs and coaches hated holding calls!

Cue the sad violin music, right?:smirk: But doesn’t it still apply to fans when they watch, if they watch, lineman today?

Well said Palmer. I like the sad violin music. That's a good one.