Offensive lineman Alex Mateas announces retirement

OTTAWA — Ottawa REDBLACKS offensive lineman Alex Mateas announced on Monday that he is retiring from professional football after five CFL seasons.

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So Many retirements on all teams. Covid-19 was apparently an eye opener for a lot of these CFL players who must have thought about their future and potential careers. Deciding that it was time to start their next phase of their life that will hopefully be more stable than playing football. Sure am sorry to see some of these great atheletes leave, no matter what team they were playing for. They all contributed to the whole CFL excitement with their participation over the years. Wishing them all success in the future with their plans. Also want to thanks them all for their sacrifices and efforts.

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Rough for Red Blacks but good for Alex. He was great in the community always had time for fans after games.
He stepped in after John Gott, so now it’s time fir the next man up, I look forward to seeing who it will be.
Thanks Alex for being a Red Black, good luck with your next career

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His backup Alex Fontana just announced that he will not be playing this year. The RedBlacks better bring in more centres.

I think Ottawa was the only team that went with 5 Canadian O-linemen. Not likely this year