Offensive Line

Buck Pierce is not going to be safe with Dean Valli still on the O line. He is being blown by and run over every game!

Stith just got released. Perhaps Bobby Singh'll be back on the field again for the Lions?

heres the story

I heard they are putting the new guy Heerspink in.

He replaces Stith who was cut.

What happened to the highly touted Justin Sorenson #68. I see him on the sidelines from time to time. Get him in there and see what he can do. Hopefully he can be like the old #68 - remember Ken Sugarman! :thup:

I love you B.C.,but you guys is about to give me a heart attack. Something has got to be done about this offensive line. The QB stay on the run,Martell Mallett is gonna get hurt trying make something happen when nothing is there, if he get a little room, he will do the rest. It seem as though the more he touch the ball,the harder he run. I say give him the ball more, rather it's the run or the pass.

I still have two of his football cards and offered them when he was being inducted at BC Place but the lady on the other end of the phone wanted nothing to do with it. Thought his grand kids may have got a kick out of it.

yes, I remember,i surely hope so !

For to many years Wally has run with this anemic offensive line. Rosouli, Valli and Jimenez look like they have no intensity and Reid just plays like an old man. How can any quarterback do anything with no time. Again the offensive coaches show how bad they are. Hopefully the NFL will give up some talent.

it's time Wally hangs it up. He is way overrated. He has won 1 Cup in B.C. with all the talent that he has had come through the Lions organization. He has many far too many coaching errors over the years. The greatest being in their grey cup lost to the Argos a few years ago. As a long time Lions fan I had to painfully sit in the stands in Hamilton tonight and watch these guys totally embarass themselves and the organization. They are a dysfunctional group. They take dumb penalties and are a very undisciplined. There play calling is a joke!!! Any pro team that runs a QB keep right up the middle with a back-up QB needs help!!!
I guess they never learned anything from last years game in Montreal when they had 9 cracks from the 2 yard line and couldn't punch it in to win the game. This type of play calling cost the Lions the West final in Calgary last year. Bottom line is that someone has to be accountable. Wally your the one that must go!!!

I agree!!! How can you let Murphy go to Toronto. They released far too may good players this year and have replaced them with mediocore talent.

So how many players are worth Murphy? Do not forget about the salary cap.

I honestly think that the loss of Cam Wake was a lot bigger than the loss of Murphy.

The BC defense is just not getting off the field and all of the pressure if on the offense.

Fix the O line? They don't have a single bad ass player on the front. When I say bad ass I mean a tough hard nosed player.Not the dirty guy, not the guy who tries to start brawls. No the guy who kicks but when he lines up. Not a single guy.
The edge players aren't too bad but the interior.WOW.

That D-line is brutal. The tackling is dreadful!! Cam Wake was a huge lost but what about cutting Tyrone Williams? When you give up over 600 yards rushing in 3 of your 5 games- You have a problem in a 3 down league!!!

The reason Rob Murphy is in Toronto is because his family lives on the east coast and he wanted to be closer to them, not because he did not want to be a lion.

Prevent: I agree 100%, why not give the ball to Mallett and let him PUNCH it in ! I am a firm believer that if a man contribute to getting the ball in the Zone, he deserve a shot of getting it in ! They are to predictable !!!