Offensive Line

In yesterday's article in the Spectator on the overhaul coming for the Ti-Cats, I was a little dismayed at the lack of attention paid to the offensive line. The GM seemed to indicate that he felt the offensive line was OK. Granted, they were much improved after Coach Salavantis took over (and we did have a lot of injuries), but I still don't think a starting front five of Woodard, Hudson, Hage, Smith, and Cook would strike fear into the hearts of too many defenses.

We were largely ineffective in running the ball this year, and we were brutal on short yardage. Our most glaring weakness was at Right Tackle. Powell was brutal, and Cook was no better. Even when Cook was moved to Right Guard, he still had guys blowing past him.

If team management doesn't address the right side of the offensive line in the off-season, I think we'll struggle on offense out of the gate again next year.

I wouldn't take much stock in what's said in the papers. You gotta know they're working on everything, O-line included.

I agree but also its not like you have to replace the entire line. Woodard, Hudson and Smith are legit starters. Cheron will be around plus the O-line players that were in last years draft. So really you have a position or 2 on the line to fill.

I haven’t cared for Cook’s play from day one. I think he’s as good as gone.

You have to remember they were hurt all season long . We ended up using a Canadian in Donnelly as a starting right guard . This spot will most likely filled by an import next season and dont worry they`ll be bringing in a ton of import tackles to try out .

Yes, there will be a lot of competition. Also among Canadian draft picks from previous years (and the 2007 draft as well).

It's very telling that we've only seemed to find TWO import offensive linemen (Woodard & Claridge) in the past few years who have been able to excel. Does this speak to our scouting, or is it more to do with adjusting to the Canadian game?

There will be a large difference between Greg Marshall’s concepts and Desjardin’s concepts on the OLine.

Look for a total improvement, as well as new game plans for the O.