Offensive Line

We had a patchwork offensive line going into the game due to injuries. I thought they performed well. Maas was rolling out more, but given the circumstances, I thought they did well. Any Thoughts?

Coach Sal Dose it Again..


Cook Play Well at Guard..

Other then the change of General Managers, bringing back Coach Sal might have been the most important move to respectability down the stretch.



Coach Sal for Prime Minister!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cook seems better at guard than tackle were he looks to slow.

A strong performance for sure. Begs the question, is the Edmonton d-line really that bad? All these guys playing out of position and we pushed the Esks around all night.

the biggest feat the o-line accomplished was not allowing any sacks. for a patched up line that in itself is AMAZING!

Great job O-line. Play action amd screen passes Mass was doing last night worked brilliantly, damn, if only we'd a gotten rid of Paopao et el sooner.

The O-line DEFINITELY did a good job considering how patched up they were. Good on ya, guys!!!

Coach Sal ROCKS!!!

I don’t recall any procedure or holding penalties called last night - great discipline.

Well done :thup:

there was a couple holding calls but no procedure. fabio did a good job at centre I thought.

The Ticat offensive line did a remarkably good job last night playing together as a unit for the first time. In addition to the players themselves and interim offensive line coach John Salavantis, some of the credit should also be given to interim head coach Ron Lancaster for trimming down the playbook a few weeks ago. Since then, the entire offence seems to be more comfortable and less confused than it was when it tried to implement the old playbook. The reduced playbook has also made it easier to integrate a replacement player into the offensive unit when a starter is injured.