Offensive Line thread

Let's face it, we can do a bunch of fancy skill player signings , and it won't mean much if we don't get our o-line in order. Dane is fearless and a gunslinger, so if he isn't protected we will have a rough season.
We have locked up REVENBERG, and VAN ZEYL and WOODMANSEY is still under contract.
That leaves GIBBON,CIRACO,OKAFOR, unsigned so far.
I am friends with Gibbon's former OLine coach and he says he , even at College, was a great for 4 plays then terrible for 1 play type of player at U of W and he sees the same pattern so far in his pro career but believes he could still outgrow that and become a good starter but is progressing slower the he should.
Ciraco needs to be back IMO. I think we need an free agent upgrade form Okafor.
Edit: I forgot about Jordan Murray, Travis Vornkahl and John Yarbrough ( who saved our butts when Ciraco could not go at Centre a couple of times)


Anonymous quote from 3DN article: Insider Talk: Rourke is ready, Boateng’s future, Calgary gets poached

Sometimes I’m shocked by who gets opportunities in the NFL. (Hamilton’s) Jordan Murray was not a top-five left tackle in 2021, yet he’s getting signed down there. I guess being six-foot-nine has its advantages when those teams covet size so much.

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It might actually be easier for him in the NFL, as pure speed rushers (converted linebackers) up here make it difficult on the taller, heavier, less mobile Tackles.


Yup , I read that as well . I also have to say that I agree with whoever said that statement . I honestly was never that impressed by Murray last year with the lone exception being his tree like size . I honestly will be surprised if he catches on somewhere in the NFL .

Oh well , all I got to say is good luck to him and hopefully it works out .

Agree that Ciraco is a must sign .

Agree on moving on from Okafor as an O-Lineman experiment . The only way that I would consider re-signing him would be if they converted him back to his original natural position on the D-Line at tackle . We were incredibly thin at that position all year and Big Teddy isn’t getting any younger .

Finally you also forgot about Travis Vornkahl who played some last year at LT and is currently signed for next season . The only other O-Lineman from last year who also played was John Yarbrough at both C and T . I’m not sure though of his current status as he ended the season on the PR .

Yarborough was not great at guard but seemed to do well at centre, which I think he played the bulk of his time in college at. I was also impressed by Vornkahl, thought he may have even been a bit better than Murray and a little more physical too.

So if they can sign Ciraco back, right now I think the best possible lineup might look like this:

Vornkahl -LT, Revenberg - LG, Yarborough - C, Ciraco - move back to RG, Van Zeyl - RT

If the ratio is an issue then move Ciraco back to centre and bring Woodmansey back at right guard. Gibbon I think still needs time but should improve over the next 1-2 years and would be a backup at guard and centre which he played at Waterloo.

Biggest issue is depth outside of that. Okafor was out of place at tackle last year so you either have him compete with Gibbon as a backup guard or move on and look for another young guy to bring along. Bencze looks like another long term project as a converted d lineman and seems a bit undersized at around 290. They will likely bring in a couple Americans to try out at tackle to back up Vornkahl. Outside of that maybe they snag 1-2 lineman in the draft and possibly sign a free agent, more likely a Canadian.


Could be possible. Outside of Mason Bennett we don’t have any other Canadians signed for the dline right now. If Big Ted doesn’t come back we could be hurting there.

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They really need to find a National to play at center. Yarborough was ok last year but it messes with the ratio to much to play an ok American on the O-line.


Ciraco plays there but yes a national back up who can play center well would be helpful

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If they keep that quirky American replacing an injured Canadian rule in the new CBA it doesn’t matter quite as much. Last year on O only Banks met the 3 years on the team or 4 years in the league qualification. This year Addison does. If the lost 2020 season counts (contracts burned that year, but no one played so, quirky interpretation) then Jackson and Acklin would also qualify and assuming (hoping) they’re both back, that would give us tons of game day flexibility around injured Canadian starters.

Still need game to game solutions for longer injuries, but that slightly easier (not necessarily easy) to manage.

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