Offensive Line Present & Future

With Flory's official retirement, how will our O-line take shape over the next few years?

Right now, our starting five is:

LT - Bourke
LG - Matte
C - Brodeur-Jourdain
RG - Bomben
RT - Perrett

The reserves are:

Guard - Jake Piotrowski
Tackle - Ryan White, Dan Matha (import)
Guard or Tackle - Pascal Baillargeon

Some concerns have been raised about whether Matte can play the left side. I think he can, but I know others disagree. Then there's the issue of replacing Bourke eventually. He's 32, with two gimpy knees, and this might well be his last contract. Within the next 2-4 years, we'll likely see more significant changes on this line.

Should we draft for O-line depth? Should we try to swing a trade?

A trade for a quality non-import OL, especially a LT, is unlikely and would take multiple, high quality assets. Free Agency is an option, but quality OL don’t make it there often.

Trades for high draft picks to get an elite ratio-changer prospect are also “expensive”.

Als need to look to the draft for OL prospects and scour the waiver-wire/undrafted FAs for viable OL projects.

There are also two interesting quandaries/possibilities in this draft for all the teams:
(1) LDT - Does he get drafted? Drafted or otherwise signed, what are his realistic NFL chances? How long will it take, if ever, for him to return to the CFL? Based on all that, when is it worth drafting him?
(2) Quinn Smith - Is he a product of PED use, or did he use it to tune up for the combine? Is the PED use a “one-time” mistake or indicative of a larger problem? Based on all that, when is it worth drafting him?

If the Als had some extra picks, it might be worth a deal or a speculative early draft pick on LDT, but their only extra draft pick is a second fourth rounder. LDT may well slip out of the first round, but then the game of chicken begins; who is willing to risk that he ever comes back to the CFL and at what pick.

J'ai vu certaines chartes de positions de l'an dernier où Bomben était placé comme garde à gauche derrière Ola. Je suppose que bomben a pratiqué à cette position et qu'il pourrait possiblement y jouer. Ceci placerait Matte comme garde à droite, où il a somme toute assez bien fait l'an dernier.

Effectivement, la présence de Duvernay-Tardif dans le repêchage complique l'histoire en ce qu'il a de bonnes chances de se retrouver dans la NFL mais pourrait éventuellement revenir dans la LCF. Vaut-il la peine de risquer un choix de 1ère ou 2ième ronde pour avoir seulement l'espoir qu'il revienne à Montréal dans quelques saisons? Après les expériences Philip Blake et Vaughn Martin, j'en doute. Et si certains voyaient Ihekwoaba ou Adebayo dans la NFL, on ne peut pas dire que leur passage chez les Alouettes a convaincu qui que ce soit. Klassen a été beaucoup plus impressionnant, à mon avis.

Pour ma part, je crois que si Duvernay-Tardif n'est pas repêché ou embauché comme agent libre par une équipe de la NFL, il ne partira probablement pas avant la 3ième ronde du repêchage de la LCF. Il a eu plusieurs essais et il pourrait tout de même réussir à se dénicher une place pour un camp d'entraînement cette saison.

Je pense que Popp pourrait plus prendre une chance avec Foucault, mais le voit-on remplacer Bourke? Il a le gabarit, mais pour le reste, je doute qu'il devienne aussi impressionnant que Bourke. Il pourrait éventuellement remplacer Perrett, cependant.

Nous verrons bien.

There is a bumper crop of offensive linesmen available next season.

1-The Als could trade their first round pick for a first round pick next season.
2-They could draft a linesman this year (can never go wrong drafting a Canadian offensive linesman. There are four really good prospects : Smith, Lavertu, Goosen, Foucault so at 4 your sure to get one.

The Als haven’t been this shallow in non import talent since the first couple years they returned in the league. Injuries , retirements , expansion and free agency have really hit this team hard. Taking an offensive linesman at four and then using a second rounder on a linebacker would probably be a safe draft.

I`m definitely concerned about the o-line, traditionally a strength over the years:

  • Loss of depth with the losses of Flory, Woodward, Ola.
  • Loss of Flory`s leadership. Do LBJ, Bourke or Perrett have that in them?
  • Despite our wishes, Matte still unproven.
  • Can Sweet gain the respect of an o-line that doesn`t suffer fools gladly?

I also would like to see Popp select Foucault if still available, even if he would have signed a NFL free agent contract.

Hamilton today released Cdn.Cody Husband a 6`7", 300 Lb. o-lineman who was on their 46 last year as a backup at both guard positions before going on the 9-game. He was undrafted but had been with the Tiger-Cats since 2010.

We can say if he wasn`t good enough for the Tiger-Cats why would he be good enough for the Als, but he outlasted Baillargeon with Hamilton.

Bourke is the only Canadian LT in the CFL so it may be that they do not find one to replace him at all.
Still however need to keep the Oline factory in place in Montreal where they can groom players for the other 4 Oline spots.
beginning to build up on Canadian DT' and Receivers would be a good idea to go in line with the Olineman.
Canadian players in the CFL are up to par at Receiver, DT and safety are the strengths for Canadian players.
If you can come up with a buster at MLB or RB then that is a plus. Also Canadian Olineman have also improved greatly to the point that RT is becoming a positon seen regularly

Right now this team's area of needs are LB and Safety. We have Brouillette and Edem penciled to start this year, the Als need to back those two guys up. Brouillette has been injury prone and Edem has only one year left on his deal which complicates things a little. These two guys go down and our season is in the toilet.

I think we need to eyeball one of Chin, Landry or Briggs with our 13 pick,
Our # 4 pick should be either a OL or DT

The Dark horse might be Bailey or Coombs

Which brings us back to the ever present question. . . do you draft based on need, or do you draft the best available athlete regardless of position?

Are they planning on starting Brouillette at MLB? I would think that Dline may be the way to go with Evan Gill to go with Klassan. Keeping Brouillette as the Utility package back up guy. Giving them Edem,Broullette and Teams demon Townsend all who can play safety.
If they do plan to find a Canadian LT drafting Tardiff in a mid round and wait for him to possibily come back gaining the expereince against top level talent and moving to LT behind or to replace Bourke

I doubt LDT will be available in the mid rounds there are 3 teams with multiple picks in the first two rounds. A team like Hamilton and Calgary that is heavy with young Canadians as is will likely use a pick on such a talent. We are now halfway through the fifth round of the NFL draft and LDT is still undrafted...

Remember that the Als have two NCAA tackles they drafted last year also.

Reading through some of the NFL stuff I noted that one scribe expected that Duvernay-Tardiff is expected to be a definite NFL draft pick. Hopefully there will be more NFL material on the weekend revealing other NFL selections,but this OT will be definitely be in the NFL. The Als first picks have to one/two of our CIS grads who are not moving to the NFL. Our definite requirement is in the DT or OT position. In later rounds, I believe choices should rectify the requirement for improvement in the area of special teams. Last season Breaulieu-Richard and Brn Roy's contribution to our defense was 1 STT each. Nick Boulay has better speed and , I believe, contributed 8 STT and, had one fumble return. In the top 15 rated LB's, three LBS are listed- B Landry, Andrew Lue and Casey Chin. Unfortunately 2013 CIS stats for 2013 are not available. Had I had opportunity to review these, my predictions would be more exact. We do bring into our LBs Marko B who had a great year with 31 DTs, 6 QB sacks, 4 forced fumbles and 6 STT. He did excel in this position and, was our most improved Canadian last season. Hopefully there is a body in the draft that might compliment Townsend's 15 STT. So, yes we require both OTs and DT's in the premier rounds but, perhaps a LB might be found who might lift our Canadian STs talent.

We are coming up on the sixth round. Shoud LDT not get drafted and be picked up as an free agent his stock will rise.

Until you can coach size (legally) you have to at least consider to such a player. Not much game film on him with Hamilton, but they would have their draft notes and may have seen him in a preseason game or two. If they see any potential, it couldn't hurt to invite him to TC if they can fit him in.

Tardif drafted at #200 in the sixth round by the KC Chiefs, same team that had signed Corey Greenwood another Canadian.

Hosam Shahin quit football and moved to Cairo, so the Als will never see him. Wasted pick :frowning:

Jesse Joseph doesn't look like he will get more than an NFL tryout so we may see him sometime this year.

Chiefs seem to already have a very young OL (11 on roster, none older than 26), which might seem to make drafting two OL strange unless they are not happy with them.

As for Shahin, any player (e.g., Quinlan) can unexpectedly decide to quit, so while it was an unproductive pick I wouldn't call it wasted; to me, a hypothetical example of a wasted pick would be if LDT had been drafted in the first round but a team used anything but their last pick on him.

Joseph would certainly be a help, especially with the ratio, if he can play.

According to RDS, David Foucault has been invited to mini-camps of Miami and Carolina. No contracts,yet.

If he does sign with an NFL team,before the CFL draft,I do hope that the Als won't draft him in round 1.


Foucault reminds me a lot of Christian Matte. His size and athleticism intrigues NFL scouts but I doubt he can find a way to get a contract in the NFL. If has expected Lavertue, Goosen and Smith go ahead of the Als pick. It will make for interesting choices for the Als. There are basically one player per position then the depth goes way down.

This is exactly where it gets tricky. last year Hamilton took Gaydosh and a couple days later he went to a rookie mini camp and was the only one signed out of that camp.

Als passed over Brett Jones for Shahin...