offensive line played much better!!!!

The offensive line of Woodard, Cedric Gagne Marcoux, Hage, Dyakowski and Davis played really well together. THey gave Jason Maas plenty of time to throw the ball and opened up pockets for Jesse Lumsden to run up the field. If we can play like that with winnipeg i think we can beat them back to back next week and the week after. I really believe that.

I am reserving judgement.

They are for sure a work in progress, but they seem like a great group of O-Lineman.

I thought the Lions line was in the backfield most of the night, but the Lions D is real good!

A lot of Jessies yards wereYAC yards IMO.

Did Cheron get in the game at all? I (unfortunately) had to listen to the game on internet radio. No offence to the great crew at CHML, but you can't tell every player on the field through a radio... lol

Good thread, oshawaguy.

The entire Ticat offensive line deserves much credit for performing remarkably well in all facets of the game against the Lions on Thursday night. They allowed only one quarterback sack against a defence ranked third in the league in sacks and they helped generate 191 rushing yards (including 158 yards by Jesse Lumsden) against a defence which had allowed a league-low 43.7 rushing yards per game.

Another important accomplishment is that the Ticat offensive line was only assessed two penalties during the match. The penalties were both against veteran offensive tackle J'onta Woodard (offside and holding). Therefore, Marwan Hage, Jerome Davis, and the two promising rookies, Cedric Gagne-Marcoux and Peter Dyakowski all deserve an extra tip of the hat for playing a penalty-free game.

Last but not least, kudos to Ticat offensive line coach Jeff Bleamer for some excellent work in getting his o-line ready to play so well against a stellar Lions' defence with only two days of practice in a short week.

Cheron did get in the game sigpig, i saw it one the one screen he was playing RG while the screen was n the left side

That has nothing to do with his rushing or the O-line pulling for him when he is on the run. Passing and rushing are different…

Actually they are pretty much equally important on a handoff or a screen pass. Without good blocking the play is DOA