Offensive line play

They were bad 1st game and bad last much for great scouting and coaching

That will be a huge key in the playoffs. Sask has a very good dline even without Micah Johnson and they were really getting in on Masoli quite a bit in the first half. We’ve struggled a bit against Montreal and the Argos dline as well, especially Oakman. It’s really important they get the run going early in these games which they didn’t do much of yesterday.


Don Jackson didn't look as effective in this last game. He had 12 carries for only 34 yards. The O-Line definitely had some problems opening holes for the running backs. They are going to have to get Jackson back on track if they hope to win these late fall games. The long ball won't work in blustery winds with drizzle.

Me thinks the quality of the opposing D-line might have had something to do with that. Edmonton was his best game they started an undersized D-line. Jackson is a good running back and he has fresh legs but our O-line vs the opponent's D-line will decide the results more than he will.