Offensive Line - Let's discuss where the problem lies

Everyone is blaming the offensive line and rightly so .

We used to have Lewis , Figueroa, Olson, Simmons for our option at tackle and they all seemed except maybe against Montreal with their blitzing linebackers. We also use to have Dyakowski at guard and a different oline coach.

This current oline is getting beaten or pushed back to the qb by merely a 4 man rush and cj gable in there to assist.

Could this be an offensive co-ordinator issue by how far back zack stands as he always seems to be surrounded or are we letting to much of a push up the middle and on around the ends .

I see more push back up the middle than I have seen in the past. It could be partially due to the fact that we have a guy coaching the oline that has no cfl experience his name is Markusson? Could thsi be part of the issue ?

It looks like Holmes has settled in at one of the tackle positions . He seemed to look like the best newcomer of the bunc that we tried this year . Is this guy a problem or geting beat often ? We need to find out. Is it that he is new to the CFL and thus not used to fast and smaller DE's like Willis. Is it possible he needs time to work and gel as a unit with the oline . What do you all have to say about his performance. I do know he was getting beaten by willis alot in the two games we played edmonton

Then there is Washington at the other tackle who has played 2 games for us. How has his performance been thus far ? He has started many games in the CFL for Edmonton but they did let him go. Is our biggest problem the tackles ?

Playing at one of the guard spots is Ryan Bomben has been playing guard for us now for 2 and half years now and had been looking pretty good the first two years and mostly all positive comments on his play and did not see im getting beaten too often . Not sure if anything has changed this year to affect his performance as there seems to be more of a push up the middle from the opposition than in the past. Could it be offensive co-ordinator or offensive line coach or zac affecting the middle of the lines performance ?

Playing at the other guard is Revenberg and by all accounts are he had a great rookie year last year and beat Dyakowski out a job. I can only imagine after his rookie year he could only be getting better
but the push up the middle exists and zac is running for i slife

Playing Center is Mike Filer , He has a had a few years of experience now and I felt he was always to below average. I think this year he looking pretty bad as he seems to either block nobody or double team wen e shouldn't be or miss the guy that should be his man.

Ok so without question the OLINE lacks cohesion since both tackles are new and one is new to the CFL. Our oline coach is new to the CFL and our OC is from macmaster . This combined with a not as mobile Coolaros and a receiving corps that does not often gain seperation quickly or at all .
We also lack depth on the oline , if one of our tackles goes down we'd have to go with another rookie and we only have Rice to backup the guards and he has not shown much in the years e has been here.

This team also never runs the ball so the opposing dlineman can rush with reckless abandon every down and wen we have a 2knd and long so often then zack needs more than a few seconds to find a receiver open for an 8 to ten yard throw.

We also very seldom throw the long ball which allows the db;s and safety to play closer to the receivers unlike our dbs and also they feel confident to blitz a db.

So were lies the problem here with our offensive line ?

I can't say I know the answer so I am hoping you fans can offer some wisdom .

My opinion is that it is many reasons:

poor play calling , poor offensive line techniques due to lack of cfl experience in our oline coach matsson. Inexperince in our offensive tackles. Lack of overall talent , speed, foot work , hand work etc of our new tackles. A below average Center that allows for more push up the middle or stunts allowing a man to get free. I'd say the entire offensive line is not picking up stunts or player movement . Example is that i see Willis lining in different positions and maybe there is confusion as to who takes who as to many times a guy goes through untouched or our olineman is too late to block thinking his man was another guy .

Maybe we over rated Bomben and Revenberg ? Is the play calling of never running and very few draw plays and screen passes giving the defensive line to much of an advantage ?

Is where zac backs up to the proper location and does he lack confidence in his speed or are is is quick release receivers not getting open .

I do notice that more often that not Collaros is surrounded by the opposing dlineman too quickly both on the outside and in the middle and when he goes to get out of the middle he tends to run into a tackle.

With all of this information we should be able to figure out where are problems lie should we not .
I do know that when we had Figs and Lewis etc our oline was not weak ..

Bring in Jason Riley. Great coach.

Coaching ? Never mind coaching.....Can he still play ? If so insert him into the line-up and while we're at it give Miles Gorrell a call and see if he's available . Might not hurt to also look up Carl "The Cooler" Coulter and give his phone a ring just to see if he's got any gas left in his tank . :slight_smile:

As said above, I’m sticking with my poor O Line coaching/preparation and poor play calling as most of our O Line problems. PASS, PASS, and PASS some more has to be offset with runs, screens and draws.

It all boils down to talent and technique. The current Oline is not consistent. They blocked fairly well for Masoli and not well at all for Zac. There may be a lot more to this than we are aware of. I thought the Redblacks Oline did well on Friday night. But how often had our Dline created any real sustained pressure on any team? A work in progress with some key ingredients missing.

That could just come down to the effect that a running QB has on the schemes used by the opposing defensive line. They can't just come barreling in, knowing all they have to do is collapse the pocket around an immobile QB, and then chase him down if he rolls out the back. With Masoli, they have to also focus on stopping the QB draw up the middle.

Masoli's effectiveness is also in the roll out with the option to buy time for an open receiver or run, if the space is there. This puts the opposing linebackers and DB's into wait mode rather than pursuit. It also makes the DE's contain rather than chase. Spreads the defense too. It has a similar result as a draw or screen.
This could assist our Oline. Unfortunately, it won't repair the underlying problem.

I getting confused. Is it that the O-line cannot block, cannot or will not block for Zach, or can or will block for Jeremiah? Or is it that Zach is not able to adapt his game to the blocking schemes available, but Jeremiah can?

If it helps, the notion that professional football players refuse to block for their starting QB, or choose to play at a level less than their best for a certain QB,is completely ridiculous.

Such behaviour is not lost on the coaches, especially during film study.
That's when they start airlifting talent in, and in some cases, sit down or replace the offenders.

So, the choices are down to the line cannot block, or else Zach is not able to adapt his game? Or, new choice, both of the above?

Or, ineffective Oline coaching.....

I don't really know the answer, but those are worded in a very black & white manner. "Cannot block" sounds harsh for guys who get paid to do it.

Perhaps something more moderate, like: inconsistency, inexperience, mental errors, have not played together as a unit for very long, offensive strategy relies too heavily on passing, rookie receivers not making the quick reads, one or more O-linemen are of below average ability. Probably a combination of several of these, but lots to work with there.

If it makes you feel better, you can also include: formerly elite-level QB suddenly and inexplicably experienced a decline in abilities that is completely unrelated to the amount of protection he is getting.

It's interesting to me that Campbell and Figueroa (one of my favourites when he was a cat) are both now starting for the Eskimos. If they are good enough for the Esks why not the Cats? A pass happy offense is a challenge for any O-Line but a QB who appears to have lost his nerve is a whole other story.

The offence has become so predicable that it almost seems like the opposing defense has a headset on with a feed from our sidelines. I hope these two weeks gives them some opportunity to really look at this teams coaching from Austin down.

"It's interesting to me that Campbell and Figueroa (one of my favourites when he was a cat) are both now starting for the Eskimos. If they are good enough for the Esks why not the Cats? A pass happy offense is a challenge for any O-Line but a QB who appears to have lost his nerve is a whole other story."

It's that evaluation thing that Austin constantly trips over. Talent and technique. Scouting and lack of quality Canadian talent.

Opposition D really only has to prepare for about 4 or 5 plays. It's like a bye week preparing for the kittens. Badly executed run option. Quick hitter to flaring wide receiver. (long dangerous pass) Then drop back and wing it. I really don't know if the o line is bad. As previously mentioned the other team just has to pressure with 4, 5 or sometimes 6 and we r done.


I think the difference between Masoli and Collaros is confidence. The O Line played just as hard for both of them.