offensive line Drill DVD

Hi coach,
I have put together a DVD that teaches offensive line play, without using a sled. Teaching offensive line play on a sled can be effective, however it is not 100 percent realistic. Many programs do not have the money to afford sleds as well. This DVD has over 20 run blocking drills and 7 pass protection drills that you can use everyday to teach offensive line play without having to use a sled. The drills are in a sequence that teaches offensive line play from the ground up. The DVD focuses on footwork, hand and shoulder placement, and body position. Each drill builds on the skill taught in the previous drill. Lineman will learn base blocks, down blocks, double team blocks, Linebacker blocks, fold blocks, and zone/scoop blocks. The DVD also covers 7 different pass protection blocks that we use as well. Our school is located in Stillman Valley Illinois and our program has been using these drills and progressions for the past 8 years. During that time our school has been very fortunate to win 3 State Titles, reach the semi-finals on 3 other occasions, and has qualified for the playoffs every year. The DVD is very affordable. The cost is just 15 dollars, which includes the cost of shipping. Our results can be verified at . These drills are used for all age levels in our program including our JR. Tackle program. Every level has been able to produce fundamentally sound lineman without the use of a sled. Although we have had our share of large lineman, we also average 2-3 starters in our offensive line each year on the varsity that weigh less that 180 pounds. Through the use of this progression, they are able to develop into effective fundamentally sound lineman. Our program believes that to be realistic, a sled should not be a huge part of your teaching with offensive linemen. If you are interested, please check out my website at Thank you.

Interesting stuff, good luck with your program.