Offensive Line Coach

The press release says the offensive coaching staff is now intact for 2009.

Did I miss something ... who is going to coach the "O-Line"?

Mike Gibson, the OC.

If that is the case I'm not impressed.

Our O-Line was brutal last year on pass protection ... we need a full time, qualified coach dedicated to that group.

Virtually every coordinator in the CFL also coaches another aspect. Creehan was also the LB coach in 08 and this type of thing is done in all pro football leagues but more so in the CFL as it saves money. Same idea behind why so many teams in CFL history have given the Head coach the GM job also.

Gibson’s strength is his ability to whip an O-Line into shape. Apparently he’s a yeller, and takes no BS. Just the type we need to get “jokesters” Hage and Dyakowski serious about protecting the QB for a change.

Couldn't have said it better ... Hage is very overrated and Dyakowski is a clown.

At this point in his CFL career, Mike Gibson has had more team success as an offensive line coach than he has had as an offensive coordinator. The one exception is that his team allowed less quarterback sacks during his tenure as offensive coordinator than they did when he was primarily the offensive line coach.

Offensive Line Coach
2001- Bombers- 14 wins, 4 losses, 353.7 total yards per game (5th), 40 sacks (5th) Grey Cup appearance
2007- Riders- 12 wins, 6 losses, 371.6 total yards per game (3rd), 44 sacks (4th), Grey Cup Champions
2008- Riders- 12 wins, 6 losses, 369.6 total yards per game (6th), 36 sacks (5th)

Offensive Coordinator
2005- Bombers- 5 wins, 13 losses, 330.7 total yards per game (8th), 31 sacks (3rd)
2006- Bombers- 9 wins, 9 losses, 319.8 total yards per game (6th), 35 sacks (2nd)

By the way, Gibson has never been a coach on a CFL team that has won less than five games in a season, something that the Ticats have not achieved since 2005. We'll see whether he can help lift the Ticats out of their rut of two consecutive seasons of 3 wins and 15 losses.

Or Hage is an All Star and Dyakowski has a personality.

WOW, we will consider 5-13 a success then???

The issue for me is not whether Gibson can handle two hats running the offense, but whether help will be provided to him whenever it is warranted. Having a Coach Sal-calibre guy as a guest coach at training camp and an offensive advisor during the year (perhaps focussed mainly on the O-line) would be beneficial.

Oski Wee Wee,