Here's hoping the Ticats look at last year's o-line coach in Winnipeg as a replacement for Bleamer. Coach Bob Wylie is one of the best in the business, college, NFL and CFL.

He is a teacher, a coach that players will love because of his firm but fair personality. He teaches in a manner that players respect, a mix of seriousness and humour. When the players realize how knowledgeable he is, you can see how they develop.

Our line was harassed all year, couldnt pick up safety blitzes, or any blitzes to be honest. Wylie would be a real find for our team.

The only drawback is whether he definitely wont return to Winnipeg (which is the latest since Kelly was hired) or if he decides he will take his knowledge down south. I have met him in person and learned from him personally.

Here's hoping there is a chance to see him here.

Good post, Vinny.

This article states that Bomber head coach Mike Kelly wants to bring offensive line coach Ronnie Vinklarek from Edmonton to Winnipeg but Bombers' president Lyle Bauer and Bombers' GM Brendan Taman are trying to talk him into retaining Bob Wylie. They apparently feel the way you do about Wylie.

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Jeff Bleamer has done a nice job at teaching run blocking but there is a definite problem with pass blocking that must be resolved. It is uncertain how much of the problem in 2008 can be attributed to the offensive line coach and how much of it can be attributed to the blocking schemes created by the offensive coordinator. It will interesting to see who Marcel Bellefeuille chooses to fill those two roles.

I want Coach Sal!

Thanks Vinny - your as usual thorough scouting report.
Welcome back, and glad to see you are still hangin’ around, ready to pipe in whenever you have something the rest of us have overlooked.

 You, mightypope and matelot are the 3 most knowledgeable folks on this site.



Great to see you on here vinny, it's been too long!

Check out Vinny's "A Fan's Perspective" thread back in July.
Hasn't been a better summary/review of this season since.

I also like reading your posts, Vinny. Please post more often.