Offensive Line against Toronto

I think (outside of special teams) the most dominant performance against the Argos was by the O-Line. They looked great - pass blocking and run blocking was excellent. Masoli had tons of time.

That the O-Line was a key factor is this blow-out is demonstrated by the low-scoring first quarter. The Cat’s didn’t get lucky with a deep ball or a pick six - they beat down the Argos.

You Filer was back!

The Ticats controlled the line whether they had the ball or not. It was impressive.

O-Line was great.
Filer should get credit for the Irons' TD.

However, the most ignored rule by CFL officials was ignored, once again, on that play.

Copied from the 2019 CFL Rule Book, Rule 7 - Fouls & Penalties, Section 1 - illegal Tactics:

Article 6 — Tandem Blocking
It shall be illegal to assist the forward progress of a ball carrier by providing impetus from behind or in front of the ball carrier.

See the "most ignored rule" thread for more discussion on this interesting point.

Our pre-season Hope’s have not been dashed! Our line is awesome!

It truly is! How long do you suppose it takes before Suitor notices? I’m guessing late October.

Isn't he related to Winston October?