Offensive Game Plan - Playbook

I've been thinking about this for a little while but was hesitant of posting because my thoughts hadn't crystallized in my head. Anyways, here it goes;

Now these comments are specific to what I see as Coach Austin & Condell's "base" offensive set & game plan. I truly believe the "base" offensive game-plan/play-book is too complex for this team at this stage. I feel there are too many reads at multiple positions. The receivers do not have pre-set routes. They are required to read the coverage & then choose from a number of route options prescribed for that play facing a certain coverage. Then the QB has to do the same. He has to read coverage as a whole & be on the same page with each individual receiver & hopefully they read the same thing and then make the throw.

That's A LOT of reads for A LOT of different players & the chance of not being on the same page & in synch is far too great.

There are a few reasons why I believe this base offense is too complex;

  1. Plays in the "base" offense are taking too long to develop.

  2. We're seeing multiple quarterbacks having difficulty executing this offensive game plan. Burris was not retained because he couldn't execute Kent & Tommy's offense. Yes, I know there are other factors but I do believe this was a significant reason. So far in 2014, the 3 TiCats pivots are also struggling with it.

  3. When they run "scripted" plays like reverses, fly sweeps, bubble screens, off tackle pitches, runs from the Pistol ... They all seem to have a much greater rate of success.

  4. When they go into a quick pace offense at the end of a half or game, and throw quick hitters to Fantuz, they drive the field very well with good success.

As I said I've been thinking about this for a while and the Winnipeg game crystallized it for myself. For one, the offense was completely ineffective & out of synch in the 1st half. But then it seemed that they shortened the play book & scripted the play calls much more, which brought rhythm & success. But what really got my attention was how efficient & effective the Winnipeg offense was against Hamilton.

When I reviewed the tape, or as the kids say PVR, I saw The Bombers with a lot of quick hitters. 1-2-throw. No wonder we didn't have many, if any sacks! Most of the time, Willy was taking the snap, making quick progressive reads & getting the ball out either before or at the 3rd steamboat.

I really, truly believe that they need to eliminate the multiple options at the various levels & positions.

Scripted routes for the most part. Give all the receivers, except Fantuz, pre-set routes. Let Andy find the gaps in coverage in the middle. Let the quarterback make his progressive reads. Look A, B, C, dump off or run. Cavillo & Ray have made an art-form & Hall of Fame careers of this game plan & strategy. Willy looked like an All-Star within it last Thursday.

Tighten the leash, script the plays, less options & more execution. Get the ball into the hands of play-makers quickly. More screens, draws, shovel passes, flanker sweeps. These are young, athletically gifted players. Don't give them too much to think about without the ball in their hands. Get the ball in their hands & let them make plays.

As I said in another thread, get the ball into CJ's hands deeper in the backfield on run plays so he can see the blocking & hit the hole hard & fast. More deep hand-offs & off tackle pitches or simple QB option pitches. Get the ball to Fantuz. If you can drive the field in a 2 minute drill by hitting him play after play after play, why not at other points in the game?

Time to "dumb in down". This team is loaded with talent. We're getting beat by teams with less talent & simpler systems. That should be the first & only clue needed!

In hindsight I guess I could've just posted those last two sentences!?!?

Another good, researched, and well-stated post by FenderGuy69.
Last year, I thought the ball should be put in Gable's hands more often. He averaged over 12 touches per game. in '13.
This year, while he's the team leader in Yards Receiving, he isn't the team's top rusher and he's getting the ball less than 9 times per game. I'm with FG69 on "dumb down" but would also like to add "double up" on the number of touches for C.J.

Thanks for this thread FenderGuy. You raise some interesting points.
I must admit that I had written off the offence's periodic inconsistencies as a by product of having young and
relatively inexperienced QB's and some suspect blocking.
It could be that due to so many line up changes that the plan is too complicated for the guys we are asking to carry out that plan. In a perfect situation a complicated offence should be more effective . We are far from a perfect situation.
I will pay a little closer attention against B.C.

This is definitely food for thought.

I think if the team found a coach who could implement D macs quick pass offence, and a QB like Porter who excelled at it we would have won a GC five years ago!!!

Great post, Fender, as usual. Always a pleasure to read your posts. I have some thoughts on this subject that I'll try to post later, once they are sorted out in my brain. :wink: